Breathalyzer kits enforced in France

2012-07-01 22:33

Paris - All vehicles travelling on French roads must carry a chemical or electronic breathalyzer test from Sunday under new rules aimed at reducing alcohol-driven accidents.

Road security authorities said: "Alcohol has been the main cause of mortality on roads since 2006."

About a third of fatalities on French roads is due to drink driving, a rate that far surpasses the 17% recorded in Britain or 10% in Germany.

According to a survey published on Sunday, just over half of respondents - 57% - said they have yet to equip their vehicles with breathalyzer tests.

Those who fail to do so risk a fine of €11 from 1 November 2012 when  penalties will be enforced.

  • chris.debeer1 - 2012-07-02 14:08

    Should build it into starting mechanism of car same as immobilizor( Sorry u drunk no Driving)

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