British students clash with police

2010-12-09 17:21

London - Angry demonstrators clashed with police in a student protest outside parliament on Thursday as the coalition government faced its biggest test yet in a vote on proposals to triple university tuition fees.

Students surged into Parliament Square, in front of the Houses of Parliament, as lawmakers prepared to vote on moves to allow universities in England to charge annual fees of up to £9 000.

Demonstrators clashed with police and tried to break through barricades erected around parliament, trying to hurl sections of fencing at the line of officers.

A smoke bomb was thrown, echoing violence in previous protests against the plans.

Many students held placards in Parliament Square, while other demonstrators headed towards Buckingham Palace.

The proposal to raise fees has exposed tension within the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition which came to power in May.

  • mike.mccairns - 2010-12-09 17:37

    This is what happens when you allow your country to become a welfare state.

      ICV - 2010-12-09 17:50

      I study in the UK and know of many other South Africans studying here, since our fees aren't subsidised we already pay £8000 per year for our tuition. We work to pay it off, study, have a good time and don't complain. Some people want everything handed to them on a plate it seems.

  • devils_advo - 2010-12-09 18:27

    The chopsticks should be frikken smacked upside the head. Next protest i am going to take off work and go looking to sort these student scum out.

  • Lerapo - 2010-12-09 18:51

    Wow, I thought this only happened in the banana state that is South Africa, and only blacks did this.

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