Bulgaria releases photo of suicide bomber

2012-08-01 12:01

Sofia — Bulgarian police have released a computer-generated image of the suicide attacker involved in the bombing in Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian bus driver two weeks ago.

A police statement on Wednesday said they came up with the image of the dark-haired man after reconstructing the face of the suspected bomber, whose head is being held at a morgue.

Last week, the country's prime minister said that a sophisticated group of conspirators was involved in the bombing at the Black Sea resort town, confirming suspicions that the attacker did not act alone.

Israel has blamed the attack on Iran and its proxy groups, including the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Iran has denied responsibility, and Bulgarian authorities have still not assigned blame on any particular group.

  • Gcodi Mahomed - 2012-08-01 12:53

    yes i thought as much,mossad was involved,sacrifice a few of they own to get the drums of war rolling against iran

      David - 2012-08-01 13:04

      Nah, Gcodi Mahomed, us Jews are taught from a very young age that life is sacred. We are taught in our 'Hadith' that if you save a life, you save the world. We're not into suicide bombings and stoning sinners to death.

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