Bullets mailed to Italian officials

2011-12-12 20:22

Rome -  Italy's Justice Minister Paola Severino has been sent a letter with a bullet and a threatening letter, her spokesperson said on Monday, days after a mail bomb exploded at a tax collection office in Rome, injuring an official.

Two bullets and a message were also sent in a separate package to Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno, officials said.

Police anti-sabotage specialists found the two almost identical envelopes at a mail sorting office, before they arrived at their destinations.

They had stepped up their monitoring efforts after an Italian anarchist group claimed responsibility for two letter bombs sent last week.

The first, sent to Deutsche Bank chief executive Josef Ackermann, was discovered on Wednesday before it was opened.

The second blew up in the hands of the chief of an Italian tax collection agency on Friday. He lost part of a finger and suffered injuries to his eyes.