CIA chief quits over affair

2012-11-09 22:46

Washington - David Petraeus has resigned as director of the CIA after admitting he had an extramarital affair.

According to his letter of resignation, Petraeus asked US President Barack Obama on Thursday to allow him to resign and on Friday the president accepted.

Petraeus said in a statement that he had shown "extremely poor judgment" in having the affair.

Petraeus has been married for 37 years to Holly Petraeus, whom he met when he was a cadet at the US Military Academy at West Point.

The retired four-star general led the military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan, then took the helm of the Central Intelligence Agency in September 2011.

The CIA had no immediate comment.

  • John.Yossarian22 - 2012-11-10 04:39

    Hey Zuma! Are you concentrating? This is what you do when you mess up. You resign and go away.

      michael.a.devilliers - 2012-11-10 08:07

      @dino - not everyone is scum who cheat on his wife/girlfriend like you so don't be so quick to accuse.

      sheamus.drager - 2012-11-10 08:53

      This is the difference between a soldier of honour and a politician(of any nationality)

      dnelson23 - 2012-11-10 10:38

      @rude.awakning - His just using the president as the target here, base on the principle in this article. Example: Stealing is wrong, should not be done... If you do, human conscience dictate you at least tell someone, that's the principle, or well, I think so.

  • Edwin JuZee - 2012-11-10 05:25

    why our ministers are still in public office

  • peter.t.viljoen - 2012-11-10 06:33

    That's rich coming from a person who's culture it is to blow things up...

  • trevor.moses.98 - 2012-11-10 07:05

    I think this has more to do with the Benghazi affair than an extra-marital affair.

  • ken.koen - 2012-11-10 08:48

    If the same ethics were followed in this country,we wouldnt have a President, or a parliament, or an intelligence agency, police force, Mayors, the list is just endless, we'd have no one in any office.

  • Erna - 2012-11-10 09:08

    Someone should show the president this. And before someone says that polygamy is part of his culture - he goes way beyond just polygamy. Remember the young HIV positive lady, Khoza's daughter, etc?

  • ibrar.malik.188 - 2012-11-10 09:49

    This what happens if you are not allowed to do it right way ( getting married more than once ) then you have to do it wrong way which is western way of life. (mostly)

      siphom.mnguni - 2012-11-10 11:40

      What are you suggesting here? He must do it the African way I suppose, which is a buzz-word these days? Neh!

      siphom.mnguni - 2012-11-10 13:24

      @carryn.witthaker:)thank you for replying to my comment. Chances are you might be correct on this one.

      Tony-Lapson - 2012-11-10 13:28

      When you hate America so much, that anything bad that an individual does from America is a direct reflection on all "westernized" individual including the good hearts. Oh well, I guess that justifies the killing of infidels regardless of their stance on americas horrible military.

      rude.awakning - 2012-11-10 22:00

      tony, sorry you barking up rhe wrong tree! The chap was refering to extra marital affairs... Islam permits men to marry multiple times to avoid immoral behavoir such as affairs! I dont see no sh*t about ''hating america so much'' stick to the story!

  • andile.mahlangu.5 - 2012-11-10 10:03


  • mikel.kiparski - 2012-11-10 10:34

    only because he was caught .DID THE AFFAIR NOT HAPPEN BEFORE THE CIA in AFGANISTAN when he was still in charge THERE???SO WHAT IS ALL THIS HOLY'NES

  • Ayanda - 2012-11-10 14:47

    I hope our officials can learn something from this guy instead of deny deny

  • xoli.xuma - 2012-11-13 08:22

    The behaviour is wrong, but so many people are doing it(e.g Bill Clinton and many more), it was just unfortunate that you got caught. We should not act as if we are above board but we are humans too we are fallable, wish your wife will see it this way and forgive you. God forgive us.

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