Cameron vows to fight for welfare cap

2012-02-01 11:02

London - British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged on Wednesday to fight "all the way" to enforce a cap on welfare benefits, set at the same level as the average household income.

Cameron was to ask lawmakers in parliament's lower House of Commons on Wednesday to overturn the block put on the plan last week by the upper House of Lords.

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government wants to set the cap on state handouts at €31 400 a year, so that no-one can earn more on benefits than the average wage earned by working households after tax.

"Bishops in the House of Lords voted to dilute it. Labour tried to obstruct it. Others have criticised it," Cameron wrote in The Sun newspaper.

"I respect their concerns, but this is a plan I'm prepared to battle for all the way.

"First, it would help restore real fairness in our country.

"It is simply not moral that people should be paid more in benefits than the average working family earns - and this cap will end that unfairness.

Protection of the poorest

"Second, the cap is going to help us crack welfare dependency.

"We have got to end this culture and make it more worthwhile to be in work than on benefits.

"Third, this is right because it ensures proper protection for the poorest," he wrote, citing a fund to help families affected.

Workers who lose their jobs will not be subject to the cap for up to nine months.

It is estimated that 67 000 households will have to move or find a job to make up the difference in their incomes when the cap takes force in a year's time.

The government is determined to get the bill through this month.

  • Citizen - 2012-02-01 11:10

    I cracked up reading this, capping the 'handout' to match that of working citizens, WTF people you want to know why Britain is known as a welfare state..look no further if you earn as much sitting on your arse, there's not much incentive to work now is there...

  • ScarlotteG - 2012-02-01 13:01

    Know a couple in UK on welfare who could afford to do a 3 week trip to South Africa with their 7 children a few years back! Go figure!

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