Captain's dinner guest defends his actions

2012-01-19 20:56

Rome - A Moldovan woman who says she was with the captain of the Concordia cruise ship after it rammed into a Tuscan reef has defended his actions on the night of the grounding.

Crew members and passengers have said Captain Francesco Schettino ate dinner with a woman in the ship's restaurant on Friday and was with her as the ship started listing off the island of Giglio.

Italian news reports say prosecutors want to speak to Dominica Cermotan of Moldova. Cermotan says in a Facebook post that she was with Schettino on deck along with other officers and the cruise director.

She defended Schettino, telling Moldova's Jurnal TV that "he did a great thing, he saved over 3 000 lives".

Prosecutor Francesco Verusio declined to comment on whether he was seeking Cermotan as a witness, citing the ongoing investigation.

  • Greg - 2012-01-20 09:45

    I think the captains plan was to capsize her not the ship!Italians,got to love them!

  • Bonolo - 2012-01-20 10:07

    lol, the captain who accidentally fell into the life boat - yeah right!

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