Car transporting Prince Charles attacked

2010-12-09 23:47

London - Britain's Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, were caught up in the student protests in London late on Thursday when the car they were travelling in was attacked, but the couple was unharmed, a royal spokesperson said.

The couple were being driven to a theatre performance when their vehicle was struck by objects and daubed in paint. Demonstrators also tried to smash in car doors, reports said.

Masked rioters battled police outside parliament on Thursday evening as the coalition government survived its biggest test yet in a vote to hike university tuition fees.

The government's majority was cut by three-quarters as lawmakers voted by 323 to 302 to raise the cap on annual tuition fees at English universities from 2012.

The basic level of fees will now climb to £6 000 with an upper limit of £9 000. The current cap is £3 290.

Outside the Houses of Parliament hardcore activists rained missiles on police protecting the building and clashed with police at other points around Parliament Square, with several officers and demonstrators injured.

Extreme violence

Flares, sticks, metal fences, rocks, snooker balls and paint bombs were among the missiles hurled at police in a battle that lasted hours.

Hooded youths repeatedly attacked police lines, torched benches and a security guard box in the square, smashed the doors and windows of the Treasury, or finance ministry, and vandalised a statue of wartime prime minister Winston Churchill.

Superintendent Julia Pendry of London's Metropolitan Police said it was "absolutely obvious" that people had come to the capital "with the intention of committing violent disorder" rather than peaceful protest.

Another spokesperson said the police were being subjected to "extreme violence".

  • Dids - 2010-12-10 00:26

    I can put money on the fact the most of them aren't students but yobs....

      brannawyn meester - 2010-12-10 06:12

      that I will believe!

  • Ann - 2010-12-10 01:35

    Charles and Godzilla are lucky it wasn't the IRA attacking them.

  • ne6869 - 2010-12-10 05:15

    Aah! What a consolation to note that such behaviour isn't exclusive to South Africa!

      TruthSeeka - 2010-12-10 05:54

      I am never going to Britain..jeez..see how violent they are:) 1. Even animals dont behave like that 2. Must be a cultural thing 3. Imagine what other countries might think of them 4. I think the good ones should leave and move somewhere like...hmm..Austria? 5. That country is going to become like...hmmm..United States? Too early cant think of more to help out the bigots and racists in this post.

      U1 - 2010-12-10 06:39

      You can expect such behaviour from students but not from adults. That's the difference.

      TruthSeeka - 2010-12-10 06:47

      6. You can expect such behaviour from students but not from adults. That's the difference.

      Oryx_ZA - 2010-12-10 08:45

      lol 7. This is why I’m telling all my friends not to go to the Olympics...and not risk them being…um…protested against.

  • Siphozoozoo - 2010-12-10 05:58

    They have been infiltrated by the ANCYL. Or the ANCYL opened a branch in London. Has wikileaks anything on this sublect.

  • Peter - 2010-12-10 06:27

    Oh, gosh - I feel quite at home. Sounds like South Africa! LOL To think they even thought of wearing masks to cover their faces. Maybe the ANCYL is in combat training through their London office.

  • richardjcw - 2010-12-10 07:38

    Those who defile Churchill will be hung like the pigs they are. Scumbags with no respect for a man that ensured there would be a university for them to go to. Scum, yob, dirty trash.

  • Stephen - 2010-12-10 07:46

    "Just not cricket old chap"

  • Jay - 2010-12-10 07:47

    The look on Camilla's face was priceless. Charles kept calling for his Mumsey

  • ravencl2 - 2010-12-10 07:50

    And they say South Africa is a third world country. I note 2 of the worst news stories this week have something to do with Britain, there must be something in the water.

      ravencl2 - 2010-12-10 08:03

      Sorry 3 stories adding in that silly Tunisan diplomat's son, who beat his own dog. crazy yob!

  • Neso - 2010-12-10 07:54

    @ Richardjcw - encore! The mindless rent-a-crowd yobs at it again. Lock the b******s up and throw the key away - they don't deserve the peace and freedom our fathers, uncles and grandfathers gave their lives for. About time the western world armed their police forces with effective riot control weapons as in tazers etc!

      ravencl2 - 2010-12-10 08:04

      Agree Freedom = Respect

  • Nice Guy - 2010-12-10 08:13

    I wonder if they will have a revolution and we can watch the royal familly go to the guilotine?

  • preshengovender69 - 2010-12-10 08:34

    what do you call a beautiful British women ? A Foreigner

  • LJ Graey - 2010-12-10 08:57

    Funny how no-one seems to be getting the point. Trebling study costs is a serious issue. These students have more than enough reason to be angry. As for the violence, it was sparked by Parliament's blatant "don't care" attitude. From the word go they simly ignored the initial protests. They pretty much deserved it. I wouldn't go as far as saying SA's any better though. If our government did the same it wouldn't just be a couple of violent kids throwing rocks, it'd be half the tertiary institutions burnt to the ground within a week. Those "yobs" are pretty bloody mild compared to our "masses". And why is is that no-one on this site knows the difference between "women" and "woman"? - 2010-12-10 09:16

      I agree you pay so much for school fees so that the kids can be on holiday most of the year and you have to pay a babysitter to look after them

  • Chops - 2010-12-10 09:11

    When I went to university in the UK in the 60's tuition fees for 99% of university students who were UK residents was free and for the other 1%, like me, it was only 50GBP/year. What has happened?

  • - 2010-12-10 09:13

    What r u talking abt SA protesters do the same damn thing throwing rubbish on the grounds hurting innocent people to try get an extra R200 a month on wages and when it is all doen they are the ones who have to clean up the mess now that is stupid. Maybe if these people didnt have so much debt to pay their salaries would be good enough. My brother works 7 days a week for R2000 and does not complain but those protesters dont even want to work for a week most of the time they are sitting around eating or talking . People have to get the mind sets right that the country owes you nothing YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD TO GET IT.

  • Frank - 2010-12-13 10:10

    These are the signs of the times. Financial woes will only get worse things are not going to get better.

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