Cardinal: I wasn't taught about sex abuse

2013-02-02 10:40

Los Angeles - A US Catholic cardinal stripped of his duties said he didn't know how to handle sex abuse claims, as he had not learned about it at college - drawing withering criticism from victims.

Retired Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony wrote on his blog that he was not taught about child sexual abuse, a day after was relieved of all administrative and public duties by the current archbishop of LA.

On Thursday the LA archdiocese also released files on more than 100 clerics, as required under a 2007 lawsuit deal over alleged sex abuse.

"Nothing in my own background or education equipped me to deal with this grave problem," Mahony wrote, in an open letter to LA Archbishop Jose Gomez, who succeeded Mahony in 2011.

"In two years (1962 - 1964) spent in graduate school earning a Masters Degree in Social Work, no textbook and no lecture ever referred to the sexual abuse of children," he said.

"While there was some information dealing with child neglect, sexual abuse was never discussed."

But the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (Snap) immediately dismissed the letter.


"Vindictive victims, greedy lawyers, salacious reporters, inept therapists, unfair laws - these are among the many targets of [Mahony's] favourite hobby, blaming others for [the] ongoing clergy sex crimes and cover up.

"Today, he's added another culprit: His allegedly poor education.

"This may well be Mahony's wildest claim yet. Even grade school drop outs know that laws prohibit child sex crimes and that when we know about or suspect child sex crimes, we are supposed to call the police. Period.

"When Mahony was in school, there was probably no mention of gang rape or identity theft or child porn either. So because Mahony took no course in these crimes, it's okay if he enables and conceals them?"

On Thursday, Archbishop Gomez announced the measures against Mahony, and that Mahony's former top adviser on sex-abuse issues, Thomas Curry, had stepped down as a regional bishop.

The archdiocese reached a $660m settlement with about 500 alleged victims in 2007. As part of that deal, the archdiocese agreed to release the personnel files of clergy accused of abuse.

  • lownabester - 2013-02-02 10:47

    I would hope its not taught, dammit any human being sould know thats it a no-no.

      greggail.garnie - 2013-02-02 21:09

      What a load of crap this cardinal spouts. It's bloody common sense that abusing children or anyone in your care is morally wrong. God help the Church if this is the kind of mentality 'running' things. As a permanent deacon of the Catholic Church I want to know how deep and wide this abuse runs, because we, the deacons, have to give hope and continue evangelising when stupidity and scandal continuously undermine the work of genuine servants of Christ and His Church. Cardinals, bishops and priests who speak and act so callously and cause such scandal do not have a genuine vocation but hunger for the power and authority that comes with the designation. Their love for Christ and His Church is no-longer genuine but simply an institutional career.

  • gvangreunen - 2013-02-02 10:51

    Who needs to be 'taught' about child abuse FFS! We all inherently know that the abuse of children is abhorrent and against all natural human instincts. Filthy scum hiding behind the cloth - may they all burn in the hell they so easily preach about!

  • bishopbishop35 - 2013-02-02 11:30

    Why did he not for help on dealing with the problem ,I bet he was also involved in the abuses ,it's all just a sad excuse may god forgive them cause the system is going to have them

  • mzwandile.dlamanzi - 2013-02-02 12:07

    You only last studied between those year? As time moves things change, and as an academic , you dont need to be told to famalirise yourself with the updates.

  • suerita.fortuin - 2013-02-02 12:55

    do i sense a bit of ambiguity with this headline?..i'm not catholic but i think they should provide sexual abuse awareness classes, similar to something like the aids awareness classes,to all the cardinals and bishops and clerics of the catholic community.they cant live in denial forever.

  • Mike - 2013-02-02 15:15

    Maybe the words millstone, neck and depths of the sea, would jog his memory.

  • anakin.skyvader.9 - 2013-02-02 15:25

    Organized Crimes Implemented Globally by Religion

  • - 2013-02-02 16:46

    Oh BULL****! He has a blog - he is using the internet - there is no way that he has not seen articles and news re child sexual abuse. With guys like these I always wonder if they actually believe in God - if they do they could not have sinned in such a way, as they devoted their lives to their religion and would thus believe that they would be punished in hell for what they are doing.

  • mordikaai.speak - 2013-02-02 18:28

    Ignorance is Bliss all around

  • mordikaai.speak - 2013-02-02 18:29

    How old are you?

  • samgaf - 2013-02-02 18:31

    HELLO,HELLO Why only in christianity,WTF is wrong with you bible punchers, this is far worse than incest,you sic mothers

  • precious.yumyum - 2013-02-03 03:24


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