Chelsea Clinton doesn't rule out politics

2012-08-15 14:31

New York - Chelsea Clinton doesn't rule out seeking office one day in the footsteps of her former president father Bill and 2008 presidential candidate mother Hillary.

"Before my mom's campaign I would have said no," she says in the latest issue of Vogue magazine. "Now I don't know."

Chelsea Clinton, 32, lives in New York and is working on a doctorate in international relations. She has also done some presenting for NBC television, starting last December.

The daughter of the former two-term Democratic president and the current secretary of state said she had always been immersed in politics and had voted in every possible election since turning 18.

Joining the family business herself cannot be ruled out.

"If there were to be a point where it was something I felt called to do and I didn't think there was someone who was sufficiently committed to building a healthier, more just, more equitable, more productive world? Then that would be a question I'd have to ask and answer," she said.

  • dane.herbst.5 - 2012-08-15 14:49

    of course she will go into politics, prob end up being prez one day, the US keep it in the families, a select few that is, bieldiberg will decide on her in a few years im sure

  • sansagain.sansagain - 2012-08-15 15:35

    world will not survive another clinton

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