China 'distressed' over Kim Jong-Il's death

2011-12-19 11:18

Beijing - China said on Monday that it was "distressed" to learn of the death of North Korea's long-time leader Kim Jong-il, but remained confident that the North would remain united and that the two neighbours would keep up their co-operation.

"We were distressed to learn of the unfortunate passing of the senior-most North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, and we express our grief about this and extend our condolences to the people of North Korea," the Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Ma Zhaoxu, said, according to a statement issued by the Xinhua news agency.

Ma praised Kim as a "great leader" who made "important contributions" to relations with China.

"We are confident that the North Korean people will be able to turn their anguish into strength and unify as one," said Ma.

"China and North Korea will strive together to continue making positive contributions to consolidating and developing the traditional friendship between our two parties, governments and peoples, and to preserving the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and the region."

Rare foreign visits

Impoverished and squeezed by international sanctions for conducting a series of nuclear and missile tests from 2006, North Korea has reached out to Moscow and Beijing for help to fill the gap left by the drying up of South Korean and the US economic assistance.

Over the past 18 months, Kim, who in the past rarely travelled abroad, visited China four times and in August made his first trip to Russia in nearly a decade.

Kim's visits were mainly aimed at winning economic support, and raised speculation he may finally be opening one of the world's most closed economies.

During Kim's China visit in May, the two sides vowed that their alliance, "sealed in blood", would pass on to their successors.

Buffer and a burden

For China, its much smaller and poorer neighbour is both a buffer and a burden.

China sees North Korea as a strategic barrier against the United States and its regional allies. But that barrier comes with an economic and diplomatic price.

As the North's ties with South Korea and much of the outside world have soured, Kim has leaned more on ally Beijing for support, which has cost China both in economic aid and in strains with South Korea and other nations alarmed by North Korea's nuclear weapons development and military brinkmanship.

China has sought to draw North Korea closer with incentives, and bilateral trade hit $3.1bn in the first seven months of 2011, an 87% increase from the same period last year, according to Chinese customs statistics. Growth was propelled by a 169.2% jump in the value of Chinese imports.

Beijing has shored up its support for Pyongyang in the past two years, despite regional tension over North Korea's actions, including nuclear weapon tests in 2006 and 2009 that drew UN sanctions backed by China.

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      Squeegee - 2011-12-19 12:22

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  • Bob - 2011-12-19 11:46

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  • Trevor - 2011-12-19 13:02

    Seeing the pics on the net, can see clearly these people have been indoctrinated/brainwashed from when they are born...24hrs/day 7days/week 365 they get hammered by the media propoganda and you cannot escape it...very sad...Hitler did the same.....

      Queenie - 2011-12-19 13:25

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      Mthuthuzeli - 2011-12-19 21:10

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  • Steven - 2011-12-19 13:08

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  • Thando - 2011-12-19 14:51

    They are distressed becuase with this guy out of the way , North Korea can reject communism and become a democracy. In fact we may even see unification of Korea which would not be good for China

      Mthuthuzeli - 2011-12-19 15:28

      Unification will mean America having no reason to keep a military base in Korea and Japan. Who is the winner in this? Perhaps you shouldn't let your hang-ups get the better of your faculties or of what you read.

  • toibry - 2011-12-19 21:29

    God is the one who can do and prove better.

  • Brian - 2011-12-19 22:08

    It is amazing that the Zionist cntrolled America is now in meltdown and protestors every day are being brutalised by the police as they protest aganist Zionnist gangster bankers, warmongers, arm dealers etc , who have brought the once great Christian nation to it knees. It once told its people that communisim never works, now Zionist/America fuels it warmongering, plunder, butchery of the Muslim worlds with trillions of dollars they have begged from the same communist they told us for decades were beyond the pale and communism never works. America once a proud Christian nation in the control of a tiny tiny miniority of its population, ZIONIST , control it Goverment, military, CIA, Banking, Fedral Reserve, arms industry, oil industry, it also control the porn and sleze industry that has left American Christian society corrupted and destroyed. N. Korea must never ever give up its rights under international law to nuclear power and weapons , the day they sign any deals with the worlds most hated , Zionist/America , is the day they sign their own death warrant.

      Riaad - 2011-12-19 22:42

      You've nailed it, Brian! Zionism is the true evil that starts wars and causes genocide. Zionism asserts that God is racist. (Allah forbid!) Hence God will always support Israel no matter how much they brutalise the Palestinians. A Jew can do no wrong as God will always side with the Jewish race, by virtue of the 'superior' blood that flows in his veins. Zionist Christians also support this racist contention, hence they side with the Israeli against their own Palestinian Christian brother even. (Approx. 10 - 15% of the Palestinians are Christian). The World Council of Churches (WCC) ensures that all Christian denominations toe the Zionist line and support Israel, no matter what. You've left out one important branch of the Zionist control mechanism, Brian: MEDIA ... Hence Zionist thinking becomes the norm and anyone who disagrees is marginalised. But they have forgotten one thing: God does not sleep. When the time is right, He will destroy the Zionist Antichrist.

  • Brian - 2011-12-19 23:55

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