China frees dissident after 8 years

2011-12-14 17:09

Beijing - Chinese authorities have freed a former newspaper reporter and cyber dissident who was jailed for subversion in 2003, a human rights group said on Wednesday.

Huang Jinqiu was released from prison in October after serving eight years of a 12-year sentence, US-based Human Rights in China said in a statement.

Huang, who worked as a journalist for several newspapers and was a regular contributor to dissident news website Boxun, was arrested in September 2003 and convicted of subversion the following year.

His sentence was reduced by nearly four years for manual labour he performed in prison and "other reasons", the activist group said.

While he was in prison, Huang was tortured and kept in solitary confinement for periods of time, it said.

The subversion charge related to Huang's attempts to set up a democracy party online and recruit members to the organisation.

Political power in China is monopolised by the Communist party and authorities have ruled out a move to multi-party democracy.

  • Lyndatjie - 2011-12-14 17:30

    Human Rights Activists everywhere stood together to denounce the South African government. They camped outside the SA Embassies, they rallied and booed at political events, they banned SA apartheid leaders from their countries, they banned us from sports, they instituted sanctions.... Now please tell me where is all of these people with the Human Rights Autrocities happening in China? But I forget... money speaks louder than what human rights can whimper....

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