Cruise captain denies alarm delay

2012-01-21 22:42

Giglio - The captain of the cruise ship Costa Concordia, which struck a rock and capsized off Italy, told magistrates he informed the ship's owners of the accident immediately, denying he delayed raising the alarm, judicial sources said on Saturday.

Captain Francesco Schettino has been blamed for causing the January 13 accident in which at least 12 people died. He is under house arrest, accused of multiple manslaughter, causing a shipwreck and abandoning ship before all passengers were evacuated.

His statements to prosecutors investigating the disaster, reported in the Italian press and confirmed by judicial sources, underline the growing battle between him and the 114 500-tonne vessel's operator, Costa Cruises.

The liner, carrying more than 4 200 passengers and crew, ran aground and capsized off the Tuscan island of Giglio as dinner was being served. It is now precariously lying on its side on an undersea ledge, half-submerged and threatening to slide into deeper waters.

12th body recovered

Diving crews recovered the body of a woman aboard the ship on Saturday, bringing the death toll to at least 12. Twenty people are unaccounted for and hopes of finding anyone alive have all but gone.

Prosecutors say Schettino steered the vessel within 150 metres of Giglio island to perform a manoeuvre known as a "salute" - a greeting to the islanders. He has admitted that the boat came too close to shore but has denied bearing sole responsibility, saying other factors may have been involved.

According to transcripts of his questioning by prosecutors leaked to Italian media, he said that immediately after hitting the rock he sent two of his officers to the engine room to check on the state of the vessel.

As soon as he realised the scale of the damage, he called Roberto Ferrarini, marine operations director for Costa Cruises.

"I told him: I've got myself into a mess, there was contact with the seabed. I am telling you the truth, we passed under Giglio and there was an impact," Schettino said.

"I can't remember how many times I called him in the following hour and 15 minutes. In any case, I am certain that I informed Ferrarini about everything in real time," he said, adding he had asked the company to send tug boats and helicopters.

False information

Costa Cruises Chief Executive Pier Luigi Foschi says Schettino delayed issuing the SOS and evacuation orders and gave false information to the company headquarters.

"Personally, I think he wasn't honest with us," Foschi told Corriere della Sera on Friday. He said the first phone conversation between Schettino and Ferrarini took place 20 minutes after the ship hit the rock.

"That is too late," he said, adding the company had only realised the scale of the disaster when the evacuation order was issued, something prosecutors say happened more than one hour after the first conversation between Schettino and Ferrarini.

Costa, a unit of Carnival Corp, has suspended Schettino and declared itself an injured party in the case.

Documents from his hearing with a judge say he had shown "incredible carelessness" and a "total inability to manage the successive phases of the emergency".

Taped conversations reveal the ship's bridge told coast guards alerted by passengers the vessel had only suffered a black-out even after those on board had donned life vests.

  • John - 2012-01-22 03:51

    dear captin coward , i could eat alphabet soup , and stil sh1t a better excuse ....

  • Hector - 2012-01-22 08:32

    Jeez talk about the owner having your back in time of crisis. Sold him out quicker than Enron shares... I trust owners as far as I can throw them ... there is always 3 sides to every story and the owners have more clout .. $$ so guess which story gets more air time ! Hopefully they make the VDR contents available only then will we hear the full story ..

      Bryn - 2012-01-22 08:41

      That captain deserves everything he gets.

      Hector - 2012-01-22 08:54

      Bryn I don't know if you have a maritime background or not ... I do The Captain takes the blame regardless and so he should .. he Ferkup .. Badly and Bailing so quickly he certainly did not help his own cause. How ever I can tell you from experience shipping companies are not the angles they pretend to be. My question is .. What was his actions after going aground ... did he panic or did his actions help in saving live ? Considering how many people where saved it is not to bad .. if he had panicked and headed to deeper water and the ship did sink or capsize the loss of live would have been far greater. So lets just say that the Shipping company has a lot to lose so maybe hanging the Old man out to dry is a diversion ... Spin Spin Spin who has the clout .. Capt what's his name Or the Ship owners ??

  • Sarah Mqoqi - 2012-01-22 08:37

    i think all this bikkering is just nonsense because all those people who lost their loved ones wont get them back because of this!they should rather put all this energy into finding all the missing ones!

  • Teri Heugh - 2012-01-22 20:10

    Trained or not. When something like this happens, you can never know how you will handle the pressure. I have first aid training but totally forgot everything when someone was choking in front of me. He never intentionally hurt anyone, it was an accident. I feel sorry for him.

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