Cyclist killed by nuclear convoy

2010-04-13 11:01

Washington - A national guard vehicle which was part of a security detail for Monday's nuclear summit in Washington collided with a cyclist, who was killed, the US Secret Service said.

Officials said the Washington DC national guard vehicle, part of a motorcade security convoy in the US capital, struck the female cyclist on Monday evening.

US Secret Service authorities provided no additional details about the incident except to say it was being investigated by the police department.

Local media said a large national guard truck struck the cyclist at a street corner about five blocks from the White House.

The nuclear security summit, the most vast gathering of world leaders led by a US president since the signing of the United Nations charter in San Francisco in 1945, is also being policed by a massive deployment of federal and local law enforcement.

The 47-nation meeting on Monday and Tuesday has drawn on security know-how and manpower on a staggering scale and places several square blocks of the city on lockdown.

The nation's capital in areas resembles a garrison town, with shuttered Metro stops, re-routed buses and a contingent of thousands of local and federal police - all overseen by the US Secret Service, which also is tasked with providing security to US President Barack Obama.