Dalai Lama blasts China

2011-10-08 13:09

Cape Town - The Dalai Lama on Saturday accused China's rulers of creating a climate of lies, hypocrisy and imposing "immoral" censorship on its people.

"In reality, for the communist totalitarian system and for many totalitarian systems, hypocrisy [and] telling lies has unfortunately become part of their lives," he said in a dialogue with Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu in Cape Town.

"You and me are trying to make clear what is the reality. The Chinese people should have the right to know reality," he added.
"Censorship is immoral."

The Dalai Lama was speaking to Tutu via video link-up after cancelling a planned trip to South Africa because of the government's seeming reluctance to give him a visa for fear of straining ties with China.

The spiritual leader had planned to attend Tutu's 80th birthday celebrations at the weekend.

  • Slapper - 2011-10-08 13:15

    Next headline; "China lashes its Pet Dog, the ANC, for causing the embarrassment". It pays not to get involved with the ANC, because they would cause SH*t in a convent.

      beicime - 2011-10-08 18:26

      To understand the stalling of the Dalai Lama’s visa one has to realize that the ANC is not the organization of 20 years ago. During apartheid the ANC opposed to political prisoners, opposed police brutality and asked the world to interfere in the South African internal political affairs. Now I don’t hear the ANC making any comment regarding political prisoners or brutality in China, Syria or anywhere else.

  • blcotter - 2011-10-08 13:21

    Oh ANC must not upset China or the Luthile House Pension Fund will not receive regular payments.

  • Thingamebob - 2011-10-08 13:46

    See, the Dami Lami, is a trouble maker. Anyone preaching peace and to tolerance is not welcome in SA. We will arrest you and put you in jail with our misunderstood brothers

  • 2WhiteStars - 2011-10-08 13:55

    Our friends should be the free world countries, not the likes of China, Cuba, North Korea and Zimbabwe. China, for example, has been illegally occupying Tibet since 1948 - you hear that date, ANC? 1948 - the year Apartheid was officially introduced in SA. You remember what Apartheid was, ANC - that policy you fought so nobly against... and sought the help of the free world to overturn. Now that you are in power it really doesn't matter to you about other people's fight against oppression. Not when the Chinese are bankrolling your party - and your private parties. Shameful.

      Ronnie Jacobs - 2011-10-08 20:00

      I get your point but the reality of Tibet is that they are a bunch of wife beating drunks and are very lazy...! China built roads, hospitals, schools and gave them electricity. Not all Tibetans are like the Lama! I learnt this when I visited the place 6 months ago!

      fireman - 2011-10-10 16:17

      Ronnie, sounds familiar, bit like home.

  • JudithNkwe - 2011-10-08 14:17

    There are so many strange statements here. Do you all believe with no evidence that Tibet could not have changed over the last 60 years if China had not conquered them? They had no army so were sitting ducks. The Dalai Lama speaks peace and openness to a violent regime. China massacres its own. It want our minerals and to dispose of its "criminals" here - nice people if you want them. It's about time we all spoke truth to power or we will be wiped out, just like the Kulaks in Russia under Stalin

  • Jade - 2011-10-08 14:21

    Lama,he is not the spiritual leader of Tibet. he's the leader of terrorist.

      Johann - 2011-10-08 14:44

      Jade you radiate ignorance!

      Jamiside - 2011-10-08 18:28

      Jade!!!! ni fan ren, ni bai chur!!!!

  • Shorts1 - 2011-10-08 14:24

    One could almost believe that he is also talking about the ANC

      Kevin - 2011-10-08 14:35

      He is!

  • dithala - 2011-10-08 15:18

    "The Chinese people should have the right to know reality", surely they must be Dalai,China has the most Billionaires than any other country.What do you think that is Lama? must be knowledge.

      Damian - 2011-10-08 15:39

      The most you say? Do you believe everything you are told? Have you ever thought of checking facts? The sheep goes baaah. Country Nr of Billionaires ------------------------------------------- 1. United States 422 2. China 66 3. Russia 65 4. Germany 57 5. India 52 6. United Kingdom 30 7. Turkey 28 8. Hong Kong 25 9. Canada 24 10.Japan 22

      logicIQ - 2011-10-08 15:40

      A little education on the subject under discussion goes a long way. You don't. Sorry, you are the weakest link.

      slg - 2011-10-08 16:17

      Does this mean you're willing to sell your Soul and principles for money? It would appear so.

  • cheese - 2011-10-08 16:28

    It seems like the whites are happy with the Dalai Lama story.

      slg - 2011-10-08 16:36


      RACINGCAT - 2011-10-08 17:52

      Well I hope they had a bigger screen than juju had

      KomissarDzerzhinsky - 2011-10-08 22:42

      Intelligent people see the reality. Reality is this - Tibet will remain Chinese for the foreseeable future. There is no way out of this. These days the West is on the side of PRC, in Cold War with USSR they actually opposed and sabotaged the USSR. The powers and people simply don't care. These days if you can get cheap iPhone, Tibet can go to heck. So Comrades, chill out and don't worry. South Africa remains a tourist paradise for bourgeois European faux liberals.

      KomissarDzerzhinsky - 2011-10-08 22:50

      To add something, these days its all hedonism. When Princess Diana died, masses of self loving/centered people saw they'd miss her face and stories of her humanitarian exploits, they gathered and cried but did they carry on her legacy? Did her death make people do more then put flowers in British Commission or cry crocodile tears? Did people get involved in 3rd World mine removing programs? What about AIDS? World hunger? Disaster relief? All things Diana sponsored, her good deeds were lost and self centered people wailed and then moved on. Do most people really care? I don't think so. Countless egoistical behaviours online and in real life show this just look at the ego driving machine of Facebook, Twitter and blog updates. Moan about Dalai Lama and then move on with your life - now you feel better you moaned and did something about Tibet or people suffering on your own doorstep.

  • KomissarDzerzhinsky - 2011-10-08 17:29

    In Buddhism all desire is the source of evil. Hence the Dalai Lama needs to abandon his dream of a 'free' Tibet and all the evil will disappear. Desire is like imperialist intrigue, it is everywhere. Peoples' Republic of China is glorious in not allowing for any desire or intrigue.

      Ronnie Jacobs - 2011-10-08 21:40

      ...that's what I mean! we're all showered that all Tibetans are priests...!!! not so, alot of alcohol and domestic problems over there as I've discovered of late

  • @WhiteChick - 2011-10-09 01:17

    It is a pity that most of the morons who put their comments here either do not read or understand politics, firstly most of the comment are bashing the ANC, i agree, but put a balanced comments with facts and not just China,ANC,Blacks,Malema etc, there is no substance into that. The fact of the matter is that read a comment by Ronnie Jacobs about Tibetans and Kommisar Dresnhzsky also about Tibet. I for one have studied and worked in China also had an interaction with people from Lhasa/Potala and you hear shocking stories about the Lamas there. They practise slavery amongst their own people and the people of South Africa are making a bruhaha about one individual "Lama" for visa denial, come on guys. The Lama should have been clean all the time but he preaches peace while he himself is not peaceful what a moron of anindividual he is. The point is people read,read,read,read,read,read,read and read as i see most of the comments here i am forced to say are from bladie Maaifoodies who are naive about the facts and issues surrounding the Lama/Tibet and China. I pause.

  • JohnPicarra - 2011-10-09 16:10

    Down with the imperialist chinese communist party, down! Viva the People of China, viva! Down with the chinese imperialist mercenary invasion, down! Viva the People of Xinjiang, viva! Out with the chinese imperialist mercenary army and police, out! Viva the People of Tibet, viva! Out han settler, out! Viva the People of China, viva! Out the han invader troop, out! Viva the People of Xinjiang, viva! Out the han invader policeman, out! Viva the People of Tibet, viva! Boicott China, boicott! Viva the People of China, viva! Sanction China, sanction! Viva the People of Xinjiang, viva! Stop the Baby Genocide, stop! Viva the People of Tibet, viva! We have to support the Chinese People against the Oppression, Exploitation, and Genocide of the Chinese Communist Party. Also we have to support Tibet and Xinjiang against the Occupation, Tirany, Oppression, Exploitation and Genocide of the Chinese Communist Party. Chinese settles, policemen, troops must leave. Tibet for Tibet! Xinjiang for Xinjiang! We have to be militant against the Chinese Communist Party, Ban it, Sanction it, Boycott it. And the government too.

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