Diver killed by shark in Australia

2012-03-31 09:30

Perth - Police say a man has been killed by a shark while diving with his brother off a beach in southwest Australia. It's the fourth fatal shark attack in Australia since September, all of them off the continent's southwest corner.

Police spokesperson Sergeant Naomi Smith says the two men were diving from a boat off Stratham Beach, about 230km south of Perth, the Western Australia state capital, when one of brothers was attacked mid-morning.

The Ffsheries department has launched an investigation, which will include an examination of bite marks on the victim's body to determine the shark species.

Tina Thorne, of the department's shark response unit, says an airplane and two government boats are searching for the shark.

  • Shirley - 2012-03-31 09:48

    Leave the shark alone!!!!!! We humans are meant to live on terra firm-sharks are meant to live in oceans and humans HAVE to stop destoying species for following their natural instinct and attacking because we have encroached on their territory!!!Humans wont get it until we have wiped out entire species through our selfish ways!

      Refugee - 2012-03-31 11:05

      one minute you minding your own Biz in the comfort of your own home the next someone uninvited budge in wearing speedos ........i dont say the shark did right for killing the man but i understand

      charlesaduplessis - 2012-03-31 11:14

      Kill the F%#$^%# thing......... You damn green tree huggers need to stop feeding them and ban baited shark dives.........

      Phil - 2012-03-31 12:05

      Lions and all sorts of other dangerous animals are "meant to live" on terra firma. I wonder why we dont let them inhabit our streets and gardens? Shirley if you were a whole lot smarter you would appreciate that sharks CANNOT survive if humans are not safe to enter the water. It is simply a numbers game ..if too many humans get eaten ...sharks will be destroyed in great numbers as they were in years gone by before they were protected.

  • Chris - 2012-03-31 10:32

    Truly pathetic to search for the shark after it's natural habitat was encroached... That's like saying that we should kill the founders of McDonald's for all the obesity related deaths? Come on... A little bit of logic and rationality?

  • Logan Porter - 2012-03-31 10:33

    Very sad news

  • Emile Josephs - 2012-03-31 13:53

    lions shouldnt be running around in the streets, but if you go into the wild and you get attacked by one its your own fault. what sense is there in killing the shark? its not like the other sharks are going to be scared to swim there afterwards.

      Phil - 2012-03-31 15:08

      "what sense is there in killing the shark" Do you think that Sharks are as dumb as you are ? Sharks know where they find prey and will return there. Do you think it is just coincidence that they return to the same spots in SA year after year ?

  • j.c.s.mailbox - 2012-03-31 22:57

    "They are searching for the shark"...mmmm....maybe they must look for one with human flesh between the teeth.

  • Nats - 2012-04-19 16:22

    @Phil I recommend you read up on shark literature every comment you make seems uninformed and impulsive, maybe if you understood the animals better you might gain some respect for them and realise how beautiful they are.

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