Dog steps on gun, shoots US hunter

2011-12-01 08:29

Salt Lake City - A bird hunter was shot in the buttocks after his dog stepped on a shotgun laid across the bow of a boat.

Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Potter said the 46-year-old Utah man was duck hunting with a friend when he climbed out of the boat to move decoys.

Potter says the man left his 12-gauge shotgun in the boat and the dog stepped on it, causing it to fire. It wasn't clear whether the safety on the gun was on at the time.

Potter said the man was hit from about 3m away with 27 pellets of birdshot. He said the man wasn't seriously injured, in part because he was wearing waders. The man was treated at a nearby hospital.

  • Rohin - 2011-12-01 10:02

    haha, awesome. good for the hunter to know what it feels like to be on the other side of the barrel.

  • aprilia.mille - 2011-12-01 10:03

    Yeah right, blame it on the poor dog. I reckon your buddy shot you my man :)

  • pam.geffen - 2011-12-01 10:08

    Well done to the dog! Show the animal killer what it feels like to be shot!

  • makesuthink - 2011-12-01 11:16

    Was it Birdshot or buttshot

  • Dan - 2011-12-01 11:19

    Its high time that the dogs start fighting and shooting back

  • Ed - 2011-12-01 11:53 to train a couple more dogs, leopards, rhinos etc to kill some more people:)

  • Rudie - 2011-12-01 12:01

    Ok. Scooby ready aim FIRE.

  • Silvana - 2011-12-01 12:29

    You go Rover. Pity your aim is a bit off. Give that dog a T-bone. I HATE hunters!

  • Colin - 2011-12-01 13:27

    Good one. Upon meeting a hunter ask him/her what is the animal armed with to make things fair.

  • Thys - 2011-12-01 15:46

    Better one, next time you eat that steak/lamb chop/chicken/stew ask yourself how that is fair. Epic fail by this so-called hunter... Respect your weapon, or next time you might not be so lucky.

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