Dogs maul woman to death in Romania

2011-01-28 20:00

Bucharest - A hospital in Romania says a Romanian woman has died after she was mauled by a pack of dogs in the capital of Bucharest.

The woman was found earlier this week in the courtyard of a public institution where she had been attacked by stray dogs.

The Bagdasar-Arseni hospital told The Associated Press that despite doctors' efforts to save her life, she died on Friday.

It was not clear why the woman was in the locked courtyard.

Bucharest is home to thousands of stray dogs.

In 2006, a Japanese tourist was killed by one.

  • Satia - 2011-03-06 19:23

    Very beautiful! just you omitted some "small details" like: was after sunset, she got trough a whole in the fence without asking permission to anyone before! And about whats happening now? No news? over 500 000 dogs will be killed, 80% are sterilized. A sterilization is 20 Euros/dog; Tax of capturing and killing is 80 euros/dog - yes this is one of the reason why Romanian Government dont have money! Because they dont apply the law and doesn't give fines for every box or bag with puppies left on streets! Find out more:!/pages/Romania-The-land-of-Death-for-animals/204542339556844?sk=info Best Regards!!!

  • SHANGRILLAH - 2011-04-22 17:05

    Maybe if you look after your dogs and not kill and torture them they may not do this. . . your country is a disgusting place and you need to stop the killing and torture of these poor defenceless animals.

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