Dubai bans selling tobacco for 24 hours

2012-05-31 13:00

Dubai - Nearly 300 stores in Dubai will ban the sale of cigarettes for 24 hours on Thursday to mark World No Tobacco Day, local media reported.

"In Dubai, nearly 300 outlets including petrol stations and supermarkets will stop selling tobacco for 24 hours," the English daily, The National, reported.

Another daily, 7Days, said the move was to spread awareness about smoking hazards.

"The move is aimed at spreading awareness about the dangers of cigarette smoking to make people think about tobacco consumption as it kills millions of people and affects public health," said Redha Salaman, director of public health and safety at Dubai municipality, as saying.

"One in four deaths is linked to smoking-related diseases" in the United Arab Emirates, another local daily, Gulf News, quoted a hospital official as saying.

The sale of cigarettes in Dubai is prohibited to anyone below 20 years of age and public smoking is banned in the emirate, including in hotels, restaurants, cafes and offices.

  • nelbj - 2012-05-31 14:08

    It is either a lie that public smoking is banned in Dubai, or that law is never enforced. I was there in February and groups of people, often including women in traditional dress, were sitting around the outdoor tables of restaurants all around the marina area... and most of the were smoking Shishas (Hookah/communal water pipes)! I assumed that it became so popuplar, specially amongst youngster, because drinking was prohibited in public, including restaurants, etc. (Except in interantional hotels and their restaurants) And the World Health Organization has warned that Sisha smoking is even more dangerous that smoking cigarettes

      grove.smith.90 - 2012-05-31 14:20

      You are spot on. I've also seen the people smoking those water pipes all over the city.

      zaakiro - 2012-05-31 14:22

      I think it is banned but as you said not enforced. But thinking about it now, i don't think i saw many people smoking around especially outside malls etc. Shisha is been part of the Arab culture for centuries not just in the Emirates but throughout the middle-east.

  • herculesjansenvanvuuren - 2012-05-31 14:45

    "Dubai cigarettes, or not Dubai.... that is the question"

      Ask - 2012-05-31 17:35

      @TheHerc - lol... Willem SkutDieAssegaai says... Dubai... cigars...

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