Dubai executes child killer

2011-02-10 15:49

Dubai - Dubai carried out a death sentence for the first time in 10 years on Thursday, executing an Emirati man found guilty of raping and murdering a Pakistani child, official media reported.

Rashid Rabia al-Rashidi, who had been found guilty of the rape and pre-meditated murder of a 4-year-old Pakistani boy in a Dubai mosque, had exhausted all legal avenues, the official WAM news agency said.

The 30-year-old Emirati was sentenced to death in January 2010, after he confessed to raping and killing the boy, who was found dead in the bathroom of the mosque on the Eid Al-Adha feast on November 27 of that year.

Prosecutors, who demanded a rapid trial for the case, said Rashidi had lured the boy to the bathroom by saying he would give him a cash present to mark the feast.

As the boy tried to scream after being sexually assaulted, the attacker muzzled him and banged his head on the floor, delivering a fatal blow.

The death sentence was confirmed in an appeal.

Although the law in the United Arab Emirates includes capital punishment, executions are rare in the Muslim Gulf country, where death sentences are typically commuted to life in prison.

The last execution in the UAE took place in February 2008 in Ras Al-Khaimah.

  • Alistair - 2011-02-10 16:12

    Wish we had the death sentence here. That Arab is not going to hurt any more kids EVER!

      quack - 2011-02-10 16:15

      totally agree with Alistair. in S.A we feed the rapist, clothe him, let him watch tv, let him exercise !! And we, the tax payer has to foot the bill ! WTF ??

  • natzach - 2011-02-10 16:13

    They should do the same thing in RSA.

  • Freakfloyd - 2011-02-10 16:22

    Wish this could happen in our Country, It might also help with overcrowding.

  • Greegs - 2011-02-10 16:24

    Never be able to do it in SA.....there'll be no-one left! I'm all for it eye for an eye!

  • bar-one - 2011-02-10 16:32

    The death penalty is not the solution , to have it work you need a justice system that works. ours is dysfunctional , so the death penalty will probably result in lots of innocent lives being taken

      wayneoK - 2011-02-10 17:25

      probably FAR less than the innocent lives that are already being lost because of the rapidly diminishing fear of accountability...

  • Janine - 2011-02-10 17:17

    Now THAT'S the way to do it!

  • Snotty - 2011-02-10 17:28

    this murderer deserves his punishment the brutal manner in which he killed the 4 year is enough to make any parent want him dead the best part is that he was begging for forgiveness what an idiot His Highness Sheikh Mohammed ordered his execution well done to the ruler an example to all others in UAE sitting on death row !!!

  • Uncle Spud - 2011-02-10 18:14

    35 years ago,the Singapore government put every Murderer, Rapist, Child Killer etc ALREADY IN prison against a wall and shot them. The prisoners that were left behind, buried them. There is no crime in Singapore (ZERO TOLERANCE) You just have to have the courage to do it.

  • Larry - 2011-02-10 19:38

    Pity that he probably did'nt die a slow painful death. We should have the same penalty here in a country were child molestation and rape seems to be a national sport.

  • cjstuddard - 2011-02-10 21:48

    I am a South African currently visiting the UAE. Capital punishment definitely serves as a deterrent; the UAE is a very safe nation.

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