Dutch government scraps 'weed pass'

2012-11-20 16:59

The Hague — The new Dutch government is scrapping a planned "weed pass" designed to keep foreigners out of the nation's cannabis-selling coffee shops.

In the south of the country, beginning earlier this year, locals had to apply for a pass to get into such shops but non-Dutch residents were barred, in an effort to crack down on widespread drug tourism in the region.

But Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten said late on Monday that the passes are being immediately scrapped. He said it will be up to local authorities to keep foreigners out of the famous drug cafes.

That step appears to be a compromise that leaves the door open to Amsterdam to keep letting tourists visit its world famous cafes, where cannabis, marijuana and pre-rolled joints are sold alongside cups of coffee.

  • theMichaelHawthorne - 2012-11-20 17:02

    Wtf is wrong with smoking weed when drunk bastards rape mame and kill

      eric.shinn.90 - 2012-11-20 17:35

      One day we will look back and laugh at how in "the olden days" alcohol was legal and marijuana not.

      wesley.bischoff - 2012-11-20 17:35

      Agreed No one, and that includes no one in government has the right to dictate what an individual can and cannot put into his/her body.

      charlesglass1895 - 2012-11-20 17:46

      We have become so good at growing it that the government is scared it won't get its share of the pie... #munchies

      preshen.govender.12382 - 2012-11-21 09:05

      going green

  • surfing.sam.9 - 2012-11-20 17:33

    I think it would have hurt the tourist industry just too much.

  • phathuchicos - 2012-11-20 17:50

    Pot is the considering buying a Royal dutch airlines ticket this summer...had enough of zoooma and coming etollsssss....

      bradley.kecskes - 2012-11-21 09:31

      Let me know, want some feminised sensei seeds..will pay well(-:

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