Dutch hold 12 Somali terrorist suspects

2010-12-25 18:11

The Hague - Twelve Somalis suspected of involvement in terrorist activities have been arrested in the Dutch port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands prosecution service said on Saturday.

A statement said the arrests were made late on Friday following a tip-off by Dutch intelligence that a number of Somalis were planning an attack in the Netherlands relatively soon.

The arrested Somalis were aged between 19 and 48, the statement said. Six lived in Rotterdam, five had no known address and one was a Danish resident, the statement said.

A shop and four houses were searched in Rotterdam and two motel rooms in the southern town of Gilze-Rijen, but no weapons or explosives were found, prosecutors said.

  • BigMoose - 2010-12-25 20:04

    Good on the Dutch, they need to conduct further investigations. The weapons and explosives are stashed somewhere and need to be located before they can cause any damage or loss of life.

  • Chop tjop - 2010-12-25 22:15

    Yep,well done to the Dutch. They should benchmark with the SAPS who has this shoot to kill lisence, from a General with real BALLS..... Ps if you don't like it... Don't point a firearm at them, ever!!!!!

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