Ecuador - WikiLeaks' Assange seeks asylum

2012-06-19 22:28

Quito - WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange has asked for political asylum in Ecuador and officials in the South American nation are considering his request, its foreign minister said on Tuesday.

"Ecuador is studying and analysing the request," Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino told reporters in Quito.

Assange faces extradition to Sweden for questioning over alleged sex crimes after Britain's top court said last week that it had rejected a legal request to reconsider his case.

  • badballie - 2012-06-20 10:37

    I hope they give him the asylum, the US will fly him to an undisclosed location within hours of his arrival in Sweden. The fact that the British courts bastardized their own laws to the point where it becomes legal to extradite someone "wanted for questioning" is the point where every free man must fear for his own liberty. The fact that a year down the line the Swedish Police are still not able to actually charge Assange with anything is all the proof needed that their request is based on ulterior motives.

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