Excited nuns mob pope for photos

2013-07-25 09:04

Rio de Janeiro — Anyone doubting the star power of Pope Francis, take note: He makes even grown nuns go wild.

About 40 nuns lost their composure when they greeted Francis after he celebrated a Mass in the Brazilian town of Aparecida on Wednesday.

The Vatican spokesperson, the Reverend Federico Lombardi, says it was one "one of the most remarkable things" of Francis' first full day on his inaugural international trip.

Lombardi, laughing while recounting the scene, says one nun rushed Francis in a courtyard, embraced him and asked to take a photo with the pontiff.

That blew the lid off and the rest of the nuns ran up to Francis to get their pictures taken, too.

The pope is in Brazil through Sunday for the church's World Youth Day festival.

- Nuns wave at and takes pictures of Pope Francis as he drives by in his popemobile in Aparecida, Brazil. (Victor R Caivano, AP)

  • Siobhan Roux - 2013-07-25 11:10

    Ha! Ha! Can just imagine the scene. Like teenage girls mobbing a pop star :)

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