Faith healer's kids die

2012-02-11 14:09

Seoul - Three children were found dead in South Korea on Saturday after their faith-healing father, a Christian pastor, attempted to treat their illnesses only with prayers, police said.

The bodies of the children, aged 10, eight and five years old, were found by their relatives at their home next to the pastor's church in the southern county of Boseong, a detective at Boseong Police Station told AFP.

"They were apparently suffering from infections that went untreated for a long time as the father was only praying for them instead of seeking medical treatment," he said.

The 43-year-old pastor's fourth child, a year-old baby, was taken in protective custody by police, the detective said, adding the father was under questioning.

  • PeggySven - 2012-02-11 14:37

    When will the Religious of society ever learn that there is no invisible ALMIGHTY hiding in the clouds. Although prayer is used as a means of coping with the problems one faces in life, it is not something that is ever going to cure sick children, or sick adults for that matter. The only thing prayer is good for is to fill the pews in churches, where the greater the congregation, the greater the monetary take is for the performance put on by the men in dresses. One would think that in a world where the Bible, Koran and other religious fairy tales are no more relevant than Harry Potter's adventures these idiots would realise that no Divine Power is going to answer a wish list by clearly deluded nuts that believe in a mythical person that is able to monitor each and every single person of the 7 Billion parasites roaming the planet.

      Anthony - 2012-02-11 14:50

      u said it peggy--- amen

      Martin - 2012-02-11 18:24

      All the prayers of millions of believers that are answered, go unnoticed by atheists. All the testimonies of believers who were healed or experienced God in some other way, are dismissed by atheists as nonsense. Now they're raving about this incident reported because of deaths. We know from experience that many news reports are about negative events. What about the many more positive events that do not get reported by the media? I know there must be some reason behind this unfortunate incident. I am deeply disappointed in atheists for the lack of consideration displayed here.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 19:17

      @Martino I can also cut and paste. Provide just one verifiable instance where god intervened as a result of prayer. Just one of the millions where you believe he did which can not be explained as anything but of supernatural origin. Boy, you guys are gullible to believe such nonsense.

      Martin - 2012-02-11 19:40

      So what do you see as verifiable, Godfrey? Would a simple Google search suffice? I don't think so, given your attitude.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 20:01

      Martino Strawman.

      Clifton - 2012-02-11 20:26

      Martino, please provide me one (verified) example of an amputees limb being restored by prayer. I will then believe your 'miracle' claims. Still waiting......

      Rina - 2012-02-11 20:45

      Agree with your comment. Also dont believe in the fairy tales that "churches/cults" would have you believe. however, all we see, touch, smell etc. must have been put here by some majestic power/entity (be it what it may). If not how did it all come into being. Would you not agree.

      Mark - 2012-02-11 21:25

      @ Rina Its that old chestnut: if something MUST be created by something (creator?) before it can "be", who created the creator then? I'm sure someone will reply with something along the line of "the creator is an uncaused cause" but why should such an "uncaused cause" creator and universe combination be any more likely than an "uncaused" universe on its own? Yes, nature is beautiful and seems very complex to us, but one should never forget that EVERYTHING in it can be described with basic mathematical equations (only when we try and explain intricate structures do the equations get difficult) Just be happy to "be". And don't worry - a nonexistant creator can never send you to a nonexistant hell :-)

  • Dave - 2012-02-11 14:57

    Hopefully a very long jail term will offer him ample opportunity to search for truth and enlightenment.

  • Ian Kekana - 2012-02-11 15:04

    Hopefully Ds Pastor should face criminal case !!!!! An innocent kids suffer 2 death coz of poor decision by Parent .Rest in peace kids.

  • seymore.butt - 2012-02-11 15:08

    I wonder where are all the comments from believers.... please come and convince me the existence of their god. how blinded a person has to be to see their own children suffer to death.

      Hector - 2012-02-11 15:14

      Yeah I noticed to hordes of believers jumping to his defence ...hehe the same ones who run to the Doc when they get the sniffles but believe prayer will cure cancer ... well prayer and chemotherapy.... This D.S should be locked up.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 15:46

      Where is Dirk on this story with his bible quotes and calling everyone who does not share his wishful thinking and fantasies, fools? I have tried teach him some synonyms for the word "fool" in the hope that I can make his posts less repetitive. He is a slow student.

      Yar - 2012-02-11 16:55

      @Seymore @Hector @Godless I am a believer. I won't defend this "pastor", he is an idiot. Pastors are there to deal with religious issues. God gave us doctors to deal with sickness and injury. God expects his pastors to do things the right way.

      Cracker - 2012-02-11 18:24

      @ Yar You mean prayer is a waste of time and effort. Agree wholeheartedly. Bwaaaaaahaaaaahaaaa. You d..s.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 19:15

      @Yar I am a believer. That is obvious b ut don't say it too loud. I won't defend this "pastor", he is an idiot. Why is this preacherman a bigger idiot than other preachermen who claim their god heals? Pastors are there to deal with religious issues. What are religious issues? God gave us doctors to deal with sickness and injury. No he didn't - People go to universities to train to become doctors. Does your god also supply engineers, geologists, criminals, politicians ....... God expects his pastors to do things the right way. What is the right way?

      Yar - 2012-02-11 20:41

      @Cracker That's not what I mean at all. Prayer is not what you think it is, nor what you think it's for. And, by the way sunshine you and I have been down this road before. Please respect my views and don't insult me or my beliefs. Don't expect me to agree with you on these issues. You clearly don't want to open your mind, and you cannot accept my views. I can turn your argument around at any time, and smugly demand - Prove that God doesn't exist. I know you haven't seen him, but then there is a lot you have never seen and may never. Please be respectful if nothing else.

      Yar - 2012-02-11 20:44

      @Cracker PS. Call me a d..s to my face and I will refrain from intellectual banter. Don't go there please.

      Cracker - 2012-02-11 20:47

      @ Yar I will not respect the rubbish you post. It is so infuriating to read the juvenile trash some of you come up with.

      Cracker - 2012-02-11 20:54

      @ Yar Here was a person who did exactly what the bible commands. You know the faith parts. Pray and believe and all that. Mountains will move. Consequence? Now read again your comments. Maybe you will get an idea of why one gets hot under the collar. The father did absolutely nothing wrong. His actions were plain, honest expressions of his absolute faith - as demanded and commanded in the bible. The most astonishing feature is perhaps that his god did not give him a clear sign of some sort to rather seek medical assistance. Now you may appreciate a little more why I called you what I did and why I have absolutely no respect for your cr.p.

      Yar - 2012-02-11 21:00

      @Godless 1 I can say whenever I feel and at whatever volume I choose. 2 Asking God to stand in for your pharmacist or doctor is idiotic. That's what separates him sensible believers. 3 Religious issues - what are they? Are you really interested, or are you just being obnoxious. You are not interested. 4 God has a never ending supply of doctors, engineers, fitters & turners, farmers, PT instructors and land surveyors. 5 What is the right way? Use what god gave you - intellect, talent, and common sense.

  • Silvana - 2012-02-11 15:13

    I have a major problem with these self proclaimed pastors. They don't have the in-depth training/education that the "classical" religion clerics have. There is drug rehab 2 plots away from me run by a pastor. He calls himself the "Faster Pastor". An inmate told me that one of the new recruits was lying in a bedroom going through cold turkey without medical assistance, only faith and prayer. These people give religions a bad name. Shoot me down atheists if you want to.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 15:35

      Bang! All the representatives of gods on Earth are self-proclaimed. Unless you can identify which were personally appointed by one of the gods. Waiting ........................

      Yar - 2012-02-11 17:01

      @Silvana Your comments are right and sensible. Personally I don't believe in atheism. It is an artificial religion.

      Mark - 2012-02-11 17:42

      Yar, atheism is no more a religion than "off" is a channel on the TV. Saying that you don't "believe" in it only shows that you can't comprehend it

      Yar - 2012-02-11 18:05

      @Mark That's pretty devout. Would you describe yourself as a fundamentalist atheist, a reformed atheist, or an atheist zealot. Because if you are none of these, then when it comes to my religious beliefs, act like that non-channel TV and switch off.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 19:10

      @Yar You are being rather silly. Atheism is not a religion. Atheism simply asserts that there is no god; it has no philosophy or doctrine. But don't worry. Atheism is an intelligence test which you may be able to do eventually. Of course if you have some evidence of the existence of a god that I am unaware of then I will of course be prepared to review my position. I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours. - Stephen F. Roberts

  • Donovan - 2012-02-11 15:44

    Where are the christians defending this now? Come now, you're the nutters who think incantations to a god can cure things, you should all be here defending this guy. I mean, WHO NEEDS SCIENCE?!

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 15:50

      Really. Surely you don't expect a rational response from them. I want to know where is Dirk with his bible quotes, fool.

  • AJ - 2012-02-11 15:56

    You are all so quick to mock God when you read an article like this, where are your comments on the millions of healings that do happen on prayer alone? Then you always find some other 'logical' explanation as to why the person got healed. So go ahead and say these things about God, because if you believe it now or not you will be accountable for every word you speak, and by that stage it will be too late.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 19:01

      Please provide verifiable evidence for just one. There is a million dollars available for such proof. Google James Randi Foundation. You are actually talking nonsense because there is no proof.

      AJ - 2012-02-12 00:47

      Google Smith Wigglesworth.

  • Shirley - 2012-02-11 16:15

    Actually all you Christian haters-faith is not just sitting back and waiting for a "cure" It is having faith in the medicine,doctor,etc. Ive heard ALL your non believer rhetoric-"can God make a stone so heavy that he cannot pick it up"? Can He fix amputees etc. There is a BIG difference between logic and faith. What this "faith healer" did is wrong because A. he made the choice for his children and B. he refused to have faith in medicine. You can all knock "faith","God" or whatever you would like to call it but its a 2 sided argument.If one of you can PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that this does not exist then you have a case. Until such time-stop gloating and enjoying your little rants about a subject of which you clearly know nothing! You can all give a thousand thumbs down,I realy dont care. I personaly wish I had the faith of others,I dont but I have personaly seen things happen to other of which I have no logical,medical explanation. You see at the end of the day-wether you believe in God/god,Budda-whatever-it doesnt matter. What matters is that whilst you are on this planet you personally TRY to be the best person you can,accepting others with their differences,beliefs,religions etc. Why is it SO important to you to knock holes in what someone else holds dearly? No one is forcing you to believe! Shame on all of you!

      Shirley - 2012-02-11 16:25

      P.s. I do not belong to any particular church,do not attend church services and am not plugging any 1 particular religion!

      Mark - 2012-02-11 18:47

      High up there where you sit hey Shirley?Careful that you don't fall off. Here's some reasons for you: My friend wants to open his off-licence on Sundays, to sell some liquor to people like me.Due to laws passed by religious extremists he's unable to -only churches are allowed to dispense alcohol on Sundays. Since payment is via "collections" it is not subject to tax either. My lesbian friend in the US is only attracted to one girl -the girl of her dreams, whom she wants to grow old with.Heterosexual couples get 100s of tax breaks as well as additional protections under the law.Her and her lover are however unable to get the same benefits because religious extremists say so. Stem cell research offers much in terms of curing diseases.Even though not a single stem cell came out of their own bodies the religious extremists managed to get funding cut. Would you be upset if your one of your kids died from a disease which could easily have been cured by stem cells? Estimates indicate that the earth can sustain around 2 billion people. We are already 5 bil over.Realising that this will be a future problem, most atheists have fewer kids.Religious extremists however don't seem to give a damn: actively encouraging their followers to procreate in order to keep their numbers strong, either directly ( or indirectly ( Would you enjoy seeing your grandkids die in war over resources?

      Mark - 2012-02-11 18:58

      I.e. leave us alone (stop forcing us to live our lives like you want us to live them) and we'll leave you alone. - if you think buying alcohol on sundays is a sin don't go to an off-license to buy alcohol - if you think homosexuality is a sin don't sleep with homosexuals - if you think stem cell research is wrong, don't go for stem cell treatment

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 19:02

      Yes Shirley If the people want to believe in God then they can go right ahead. Worship him/her/it in their homes and churches. Find all the comfort they want from their faith communities, their hymns and their rituals. But while they are at it, they must consider keeping their god out of my community’s science curriculum (i.e., intelligent design/creationism). And out of the country’s medical agenda (i.e., stem cell research, abortion and contraception). And out of the country’s laws (i.e., abortion). Most atheists are happy to live and let live, But, as long as believers insist on pushing their religion into our lives, we have no choice but to push it right back. AND Because people are killed because of their belief in God. Because people kill others because of their belief in God. Because bad public policy decisions are made because people want to follow a God’s will instead of relying on common sense and decency.

      Martin - 2012-02-11 21:19

      Godfrey, fine with me. Science and Religion should be taught as separate subjects in school. Go ahead, teach them evolution, natural selection, common descent, etc. As long as this does not happen: Atheist science teacher to pupils/students: "Dear young ones. Given all these facts, there is no need for a God. Therefore, GOD DOES NOT EXIST." In the end, it is you guys who bring religion into the science class.

  • david.flewellen - 2012-02-11 16:18

    The reason why we're not seeing his fellow Christians flocking to his defence is this: his actions are utterly indefensible. Most Christians know that medicine works. The flip-side of the coin is that this story is evidence to support the hypothesis that prayer does not work. Why wouldn't it have worked in this case? The pastor's obviously a very sincere and devout Christian. Let me guess: he belongs to the wrong church - he's the wrong type of Christian. Imagine that - there's a right type of Christian and a wrong type of Christian? That must be a terrifying thing for Christians to contemplate, because if this pastor had no way of knowing he's the wrong type, then how can any Christian be sure that they are the right type? For Christians, the message here is to trust modern medicine. It doesn't particularly matter what reasons you choose to give for trusting modern medicine, it's just a common sense thing to do.

  • Wellington - 2012-02-11 16:34

    God absolutely heals people. However common illnesses with readly available medicines do not need a mirracle from God. In that case God uses doctors so as to supply their need as well. Remember foolishness by some individual who misunderstood appropriating God's word does not make divine healing a lie.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 16:46

      But he still cannot heal amputees. And he as never healed anyone. Of course some proof could make me mistaken.

      Cracker - 2012-02-11 18:27

      They DIED from an "apparent common" illness. You idiot!

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-02-11 18:19

    The all merciful god protecting his flock again. Suffer the little children. Religious idiot should go to jail.

  • Martin - 2012-02-11 18:23

    All the prayers of millions of believers that are answered, go unnoticed by atheists. All the testimonies of believers who were healed or experienced God in some other way, are dismissed by atheists as nonsense. Now they're raving about this incident reported because of deaths. We know from experience that many news reports are about negative events. What about the many more positive events that do not get reported by the media? I know there must be some reason behind this unfortunate incident. I am deeply disappointed in atheists for the lack of consideration displayed here.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 19:06

      Provide just one verifiable instance where god intervened as a result of prayer. Just one of the millions where you believe he did which can not be explained as anything but of supernatural origin. Boy, you guys are gullible to believe such nonsense.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 20:43

      Still waiting for proof .............................. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ....................................

  • Gregory Jurgens - 2012-02-11 18:29

    If this dude was a atheist those kids would be alive today.

      Godfrey - 2012-02-11 19:06

      Precisely. So much fr the god who never does anything.

      david.flewellen - 2012-02-11 19:53

      @Gregory: If he was a normal everyday Christian, those kids would probably still be alive. I don't see this as a story of atheism vs Christianity, it's a story about the dangers of religious extremism. In my opinion, to see Christians witnessing the danger of their own religion being taken to extremes is one small step in the right direction.

  • Jerzy - 2012-02-11 19:14

    Christian nutcase.

  • Andrew - 2012-02-11 20:48

    The question has to be asked. Even if you think this guy was a nutcase, he was a pastor and therefore he had a congregation. All of them i'm sure in a 'personal relationship with god'. It must have been a one-sided relationship if no-one got a message about what was going on.

  • Cracker - 2012-02-11 20:56

    @ Yar I added two comments above in response to yours. I want to make sure that you are aware of them and read them. Please do and revert.

      Yar - 2012-02-11 21:41

      Read them already. Revert - no thanks. God bless you and keep you safe from evil.

  • Christopher - 2012-02-12 01:00

    Shirley, People who do not happen to be Christians are not Christian haters or Christ haterss. That is a false claim by you and I believe you have a Commandment against giving false witness. They are merely people that have other beliefs or no such beliefs. Christians seem to have this false idea that everybody is thinking about them or their beliefs all the time and I find that this is rarely the case. For most people what Christians think or believe is simply unimportant. Christian are not the center of the world's attention, most people are simply focused on their own lives and their own beliefs. Most people in the world are not Christians and that has historically been the case and will probably remain so.

  • Christopher - 2012-02-12 01:15

    Shirley, As for prayers being answered, perhaps a few are. But that would include prayers from Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, a whole variety of Pagan religions. However that may be more chance then cause and effect. If enough people wish for things a few are likely to get them whether it has anything to do with their having prayed for it. After all some people seem to get results by doing magic. Are you aware that the phrase, "Rain , rain, go away, come back another day!", is a magic spell, and I bet more people have used it more often then prayer, and sometimes the rain does go away and come back later on. Some people hope there will be a convenient parking place in a crowded city, as even some of them get it. Shall we say hoping sometimes works as well? It is just that in the case of the good minister, prayer allowed his two children to die, because he would not take them to a doctor. Had he made use f a doctor, then they might have lieved.

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