Fire destroys samba groups' warehouses

2011-02-07 16:29

Rio de Janeiro - Television images show a massive fire consuming the warehouses where Rio de Janeiro's samba groups store the props and costumes for Brazil's largest Carnival parade.

Globo television showed smoke billowing from the 14 warehouses located near Rio's port.

The president of the samba group alliance, Jorge Castanheiro, told Globo TV's G1 website the loss was tremendous. Samba groups are nearly ready for the March celebration.

Rio's firefighters have sent 15 fire trucks and 70 men. There are no reports of any injuries so far.

Rio's mayor vowed on Globo TV all the groups will parade this year, and the "city of samba", as the area is known, will be rebuilt this week.

  • sceptic - 2011-02-08 09:32

    It is amazing how, what is regarded as a third world country, Brazil's leadership knows what tourism is all about, knows how to nurture it and most importantly, knows how to make sure tourists come back. South Africa has alot to learn!!!

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