Fire kills four Pakistan TV guests

2012-07-30 20:39

Lahore - Four television guests were killed reciting prayers during a live Ramadan broadcast in Pakistan on Monday, when fire gutted a studio in the eastern city of Lahore, police said.

An electricity short circuit sparked an inferno at the Koh-e-Noor channel building at 03:46 as the programme, Sehri Transmission, was being aired to mark the pre-dawn meal eaten by Muslims during the holy fasting month.

"At least four local guests, who were participating in a religious programme, were killed and nine others wounded in the fire," local police official Omar Farooq said.

Transmission was cut when the fire began.

Around 45 people, including crew and channel staff, had been in the studio but most managed to escape through emergency exits, police said.

"Our initial investigation reveals an electricity short-circuit as the chief cause of the fire but we are still investigating," Farooq said.

TV channel official Kamran Sarfaraz and a local rescue official confirmed the incident.