Flying bear kills two in Canada

2011-06-08 21:11

Ottawa - Two Canadians died instantly in a freak accident when a car hit a 200kg black bear and sent the animal flying straight through the windshield of an oncoming vehicle, local media said on Wednesday.

The bear's body hit the 25-year-old driver and a 40-year-old man sitting behind her and then shot out of the back window. The bear also died.

The accident happened on Monday night in a rural area about 40km north of the federal capital Ottawa.

"We don't see [this] often, even if we live in the country. Lots of deer, but collisions with a bear and two people died? That's really rare," local police spokesperson Martin Fournel told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Collisions between vehicles and animals are common in Canada, which has a healthy population of large wild animals such as moose and deer.

  • idclu1 - 2011-06-08 21:40

    This may be the most bizarre headline I have ever read.

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-06-09 09:47

      No kidding. I laughed till i read properly and found they were killed. Only in canada.

  • Egg-Zachary - 2011-06-09 07:50

    Poor Bear! and people i suppose!

  • JohannV - 2011-06-09 08:09

    Yay! Pedo Bear is dead! This kinda thing happens often in Namibia with kudus...

      Martin du Plessis - 2011-06-09 09:47

      not funny, dude.

      Spoofed - 2011-06-09 10:37

      Hmmm Kudu biltong YUM

  • BRONZE - 2011-06-09 09:00

    Who came up with the headline? "Flying bear"? I imagined a bear flying from top of a mountain to kill 2 people. Ok, so I also imagined a new kind of species of bear with wings or web thing under their arms for flying. Honestly, the headline is not on. But I must wonder how fast the first driver was driving to hit a 200kg bear and send it 'flying' into another car with so much force as to shoot right through the second vehicle.

      shmangle - 2011-06-09 09:34

      It sounds hectic, but it probably wasn't that excessive. 100km an hour would do it I reckon. It is a 200kg bear, that's a lot of momentum once it started moving in a direction.

  • Fair Deal - 2011-07-26 13:54

    Just goes to show that bears make very poor pilots, and should all be grounded.

  • lynn.raneyrenfro - 2012-08-01 04:49

    Poor bear and people too... how fast was the car going!?

      nuus.reeder - 2013-01-09 16:50

      Too fast, thats for sure.

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