Former student kills 2, himself

2008-02-26 14:43

Beijing - A former student broke into a school in southern China and killed two schoolmates before stabbing himself in the abdomen and jumping from the fifth story of the building, a government news agency reported on Tuesday.

The young man, Chen Wenzhen, died after the attack on Monday evening at the Leizhou No. 2 Middle School in Guangdong province, the Xinhua News Agency reported, citing headmaster Zheng Jiu.

Three students and a teacher were wounded while trying to stop him.

Chen had been a student in "senior two" - the equivalent of Grade 11 - but dropped out half a year ago because he suffered from headaches and could not concentrate on his studies, Zheng was reported as saying.

Chen fatally stabbed two students in senior two, a boy and a girl, before killing himself, Xinhua said.

Police did not identify the victims or say whether Chen had specifically targeted his victims.

There has been a rising number of attacks at schools in China, leading to calls for improved security.