France: Iran violating UN arms embargo

2012-01-16 16:39

Paris - Iran has repeatedly violated a UN arms embargo with exports to protest-hit Syria, the French foreign ministry said on Monday, citing a UN group of experts.

"The UN panel of experts on Iran has identified and informed the Security Council of several violations of the embargo on arms to or from Iran set up by... the United Nations Security Council," said spokesperson Romain Nadal.

"These arms deliveries are illegal and deeply shocking because they benefit a regime that has chosen a kind of repression that the UN rights council has repeatedly said constitutes 'crimes against humanity'," he said.

"We condemn these violations and call on Iran and Syria to comply with Security Council resolutions," Nadal said in response to a question about a US accusation that Tehran was sending arms to Damascus.

Senior US officials told AFP on Friday that Iran was supplying munitions to aid Syria's bloody protest crackdown in an initiative spearheaded by the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps' elite Quds force, Qasem Soleimani.

Iran is forbidden to import or export weapons or ammunition under the terms of UN Security Council resolutions dating from 2007 and 2010 slapped on the Islamic republic because of its controversial nuclear programme.

  • Craig - 2012-01-16 17:24

    Thats rich coming form the worlds second largest arms exporter...

  • ludlowdj - 2012-01-16 17:48

    The US must have taken a hit in income from illegal weapons sales,.

  • Barry - 2012-01-16 18:41

    All of a sudden trade between Iran and Syria is something unheard of. Please. This Western terrorism at its best

  • Julius - 2012-01-16 20:54

    France will probably fall to sharia law...unless we rescue them, again. Not gonna happen with the muslim in the white house.

      Graziella - 2012-01-16 21:03

      There are +-50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that their "god" will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades.

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