French killer may have filmed shootings

2012-03-20 13:05

Toulouse - The French interior minister says that a gunman who killed four people at a Jewish school in southern France may have filmed the attack.

Claude Gueant says that the attacker "was wearing on his bloody chest a kind of filming apparatus." Asked whether the gunman recorded the scene, Gueant responded, "We can imagine that."

He said on Tuesday authorities are combing the Internet to see if the killer posted a video online, but have not yet found any traces.

Gueant was speaking in the city of Toulouse, where an unidentified assailant opened fire at a Jewish school Monday, killing a rabbi and his two sons and the daughter of the school principal.

Authorities say the same weapon was used in killings of three French paratroopers last week.

The motive for the killings is unclear.

  • Puzzled - 2012-03-20 13:18

    doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what the killings yesterday were!! I feel so sad for my any family to lose a father and children doesn't matter if they're pink purple Jewish Christian or anything else! The poor Mother/Wife! what is this world coming to?

      Clarve - 2012-03-20 13:28

      "doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what the killings yesterday were!!"... Killings? 'Cause if you're going to say hate crimes, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to read that the same gunmen killed 3 paratroopers last week. That's pretty inconclusive...

      Paul - 2012-03-20 13:34

      The 3 paratroopers were of african decent so what is conclusive is that it is jews and blacks. Make your own stereotype deductions.

      Clarve - 2012-03-20 13:39

      Didn't know that, then yeah I hear your point, Paul.

      Marion - 2012-03-20 13:49

      Well said Paul. Wish I could live to see the day when all forms of hatred cease.

  • guy.mullins1 - 2012-03-20 13:56

    In fact two of the paratroopers killed were Arabs. Who would be killing Arabs and Jews?

      Heiku - 2012-03-20 14:38

      My best guess is someone who hates jews and arabs.

  • John - 2012-03-20 15:45

    There is one seriously dangerous physco wondering around France for whatever reason. Very strange indeed.

      Winsome - 2012-03-20 19:31

      @John - yours is about the only sensible post here tonight! Hope they catch this person soon!

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