Gang rape protests continue in India

2012-12-25 11:33

New Delhi - Authorities have sealed off a high-security zone in the Indian capital for a second day to put an end to a week of demonstrations against the brutal gang-rape of a woman on a moving bus.

With police blocking roads in central New Delhi, dozens of demonstrators on Tuesday gathered at a venue about a kilometer from the parliament building to press the government to ensure the security of women.

A police officer injured in Sunday's clashes with protesters died in hospital and police filed a murder case against some protesters, said police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat.

The demonstrations have continued despite promises by the government that it will consider protesters' demands that all six suspects who have been arrested following last Sunday's attack face the death penalty.

  • Rashida Patel - 2012-12-25 13:10

    Gosh amazing response ! We here in south africa have sadly,become used to this atrocity ,daily babies and elderly woman are raped and murdered

      lownabester - 2012-12-25 13:33

      Agree, we should be going all out and do something, no use just talking about. We need to stand together and show unity to all women, babies that are raped, its just not on anymore.

      leon.kisten - 2012-12-26 07:38

      Wish we could do the same...death penalty

  • daniel.v.wyk - 2012-12-25 15:23

    Its just sad That the whole world knows about the violations to womans rights here in sa. But not our own leaders. Im 110% for woman rights. Black, white, orange, what Ever colour you are. These days when u het caught its just a slap on the wrist and youre of. Public should start demanding for better law and stop accepting these BS thats going on.....

      malcolm.j.patterson.1 - 2012-12-25 17:36

      Daniel, I absolutely agree with you. Had it not been for these demo's the culprits would have received a slap on the wrist and allowed to go free but now thanks to the ppl of India both male & female rioting in the streets the authorities can no longer turn a blind eye to these gross violations of human (woman)rights. Go ppl of India & South Africa demand justice for all women abused.

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