Gang-rape victim hanging on to life

2012-12-28 19:23

Singapore - The medical condition of an Indian gang-rape victim has "taken a turn for the worse" with "signs of severe organ failure", the Singapore hospital treating her said in a statement issued late on Friday.

"Her vital signs are deteriorating with signs of severe organ failure," Kelvin Loh, chief executive officer of Mount Elizabeth Hospital where she was airlifted to from India, said.

"As of 9pm [13:00 GMT] on 28 December, the patient's condition has taken a turn for the worse," he stated.

"This is despite doctors fighting for her life including putting her on maximum artificial ventilation support, optimal antibiotic doses as well as stimulants which maximise her body's capability to fight infections."

Loh said the hospital had informed the unnamed victim's family members of her worsening condition and "they are currently by her side to encourage and comfort her".

The girl was described by Singapore doctors earlier on Friday as "struggling against the odds, and fighting for her life" after she was found with a lung infection and brain injuries in addition to suffering a cardiac arrest previously.

She had also been diagnosed with severe intestinal injuries as a result of being attacked with an iron bar during the assault in India's capital Delhi on 16 December.

  • dylan.mugabe - 2012-12-28 19:59

    Barbaric. When will the world wake up. How many more people must suffer in this way? I dont understand it.

      chaapo.sithole - 2012-12-29 03:49

      Unfortunately, she has already passed away. This is what happens when politicians and institutions act out of self-interests and not in the interests of the many. Laws are broken with impunity in these democratic dictatorships. May her family find peace in the courage she showed and may the people of India be unrelenting in pressing for action on the issue of women abuse.

  • christelle.theron.3 - 2012-12-28 20:11

    What in the world can one say about this???

  • lskosana3 - 2012-12-28 20:14

    That poor poor woman, what did she do to deserve so much pain?? :(

  • ian.robertreid - 2012-12-28 21:02

    This is very very sad?? i will personally shoot the perpetrators in the back of the head! try me??

      frikdt - 2012-12-28 22:09

      Sorry to say this but I think a shot in the head is far too kind.

  • Mary Milne Archibald - 2012-12-28 21:16

    May God send his Angels to keep watch over her until her condition resolves. Prayers for her family.

      Mary Milne Archibald - 2012-12-29 04:23

      Now carry her soul to a much happier, safer place. Her suffering has ended. Condolences to her family.

  • judith.taylor.56 - 2012-12-28 21:33

    I am so heartily sick of violence against women. We are not bean bags to be thrown around by men or violated in this way. I wish her all the power to be well and, if it is too much, a release from her pain

      diana.weakley.9 - 2012-12-29 08:49

      I fail to see how anyone other than human trash can give your comment a thumbs down

  • caine.abel.75 - 2012-12-28 22:45

    The justice systems must exclude any rights to criminals

  • sudika.harkhu - 2012-12-29 00:13

    she just passed away :(

  • Abdulcarrim Essa - 2012-12-29 00:56

    May her soul rest in peace. As for those six rubbishes ( cant call them men, cause real men dont rape) i hope they live a long suffering life and die after suffering for a long period.

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