Gates blames Shi'ite radicals for deaths

2011-06-19 16:17

Washington - Defence Secretary Robert Gates says Shi'ite extremists, not al-Qaeda terrorists, are to blame for most of the recent US military deaths in Iraq, and they're "clearly getting some fairly sophisticated and powerful weapons" from Iran.

Gates tells CNN's State of the Union that he's worried about the Iranian influence in Iraq and he thinks Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is beginning to take these Shi'ite groups seriously.

Gates says that the US and Iraq are taking steps to try to limit the threat.

A Shi'ite militia group has claimed responsibility for an attack that killed five American troops on June 6.

It was the single largest loss of life for American troops in two years.

  • Mr D - 2011-06-20 13:44

    Get the F*&k out of there, I just cannot understand how US dad's and mom's can send their kids to Iraq/Afgnistan. Use ur longrange bommers and bomb them back into the stoneage. Do it for 30 days and I'm telling you nobody but nobody will think of trying to harm the US. This footy footy will just kill more young men get the f....out of there....

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