Gaza militants defy truce

2011-08-22 10:02

Jerusalem - Palestinian militants in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip fired rockets and mortars into southern Israel on Monday, despite an unofficial truce meant to defuse days of escalating violence.

The Israeli military said 15 projectiles were launched at Israel overnight, most of which fell in open fields and no injuries were reported. Israel retaliated with an airstrike before midnight on Sunday that targeted a rocket-launching device.

A Hamas official said on Sunday that militant groups in Gaza had agreed a truce would go into effect that evening to end three days of clashes between Israel and Gaza gunmen. Hamas security personnel would enforce the Egypt-brokered agreement, he said, but the continued fire from Gaza undercut his assertion that the cease-fire had the backing of all of Gaza's armed factions.

The new round of violence began with a deadly attack on Israelis near the Egypt-Israel border on Thursday. That attack touched off a deadly round of Israeli airstrikes and rocket fire from Gaza.

About 15 Palestinians, most of them gunmen, were killed in the air attacks. Eight Israelis died in the border attack and another was killed by rocket fire.

The sudden flare-up also caused new friction in relations between Israel and Egypt, after Egypt accused Israel of killing five of its security forces while pursuing militants responsible for the frontier ambush on Thursday.

Under pressure from popular anti-Israel sentiment, the Egyptian government at one point threatened to recall its ambassador to Israel. Israel apologised and Egypt recanted.

  • werner.coetzer - 2011-08-22 10:54

    They just never learn and then they cry boohoo why did Israel attack us?

      j4truth - 2011-08-22 12:26

      The so called 'palestinians' have no claim to Israeli land By world agreement in 1917, Jews were allowed to return to their ancient bible land. It was a desolate and UNINHABITED LAND! 'palestinians' were only called that in 1966! and were migrant labour and squatters that came into Israel from Egypt,Jordan and Syria. Israel should never have given them Gaza - and the answer is that they should be packed up and sent back to their Arab states from where they came!! Islamic world forces are using the situation to jelously try steel and plunder WHAT IS NOT THEIRS!! The free world support ISRAEL!!

  • Poobie-Naicker - 2011-08-22 11:43

    Give them a big snot squirt Israel. They just don't know when to stop there nonsense, there just as rebelious as the blacks in Africa!

  • Poobie-Naicker - 2011-08-22 11:47

    Viva Israel. Israel forever, soon to be governed by the Messiah, Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

  • JustinD - 2011-08-22 14:50

    Now shut up when your kids get blown up in retaliation.....just Nuke them into oblivion once and for all.

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