Gaza rocket hits house in Israel

2012-09-09 09:30

Tel Aviv - Palestinian militants launched two rockets at southern Israel early on Sunday, one of which hit a house in the town of Netivot, a military statement said.

The owner escaped injury but the house was badly damaged.

Another rocket landed in an open area in Beersheba, the largest Israeli city in the Negev desert. Schools were suspended on Sunday - the first day of the week in Israel - as a result of the attack.

Six Palestinians were killed on Wednesday by Israeli strikes in Gaza, three of them militants preparing to launch a rocket, the military said.

It said the three others were militants planting a bomb at the security fence on the border with Israel. Gazans said they were civilians hit by a tank shell as they approached the border.

The military said more than 10 rockets fired by Palestinian militants have landed in southern Israel this month.

  • J.Stephen.Whiteley - 2012-09-09 10:02

    Kids playing at war

      JohanCduToit - 2012-09-09 13:15

      Just another day in the apartheid state of Israel.

      phillip.havenga - 2012-09-09 16:43

      Johan shove that drivel up your a##

      JohanCduToit - 2012-09-09 19:21

      Yea, the truth hurts, I know. Which is why I like reminding the Zionists about their apartheid system.

      JohanCduToit - 2012-09-09 19:48

      Read the Wikipedia link I posted. It is very clear.

      JohanCduToit - 2012-09-10 08:12

      The Wikipedia article about apartheid in Israel lists both the similarities and differences between apartheid in South Africa and apartheid in Israel. Yet you only pick one quote from one person, and then say I am the one who is "completely wrong"?!? The article also has the following to say: Hendrik Verwoerd, then prime minister of South Africa and the architect of South Africa's apartheid policies, said in 1961 that "The Jews took Israel from the Arabs after the Arabs had lived there for a thousand years. Israel, like South Africa, is an apartheid state." and from more recently: On 6 June 2008, Mr. Kgalema Motlanthe, the Deputy President of South Africa and of the African National Congress, who had recently visited the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, told a delegation of Arab Knesset members visiting South Africa to study its democratic constitution that conditions for Palestinians under occupation were "worse than conditions were for Blacks under the Apartheid regime." As for the Hamas charter, it is largely outdated. See:

      rick.kabose - 2012-09-10 09:06

      Johan - Verwoerd was a d@@s. As for motlanthe,in the civilised world,who gives a rats behind what some anc fart has to say

      JohanCduToit - 2012-09-10 10:09

      I feel the same as you about Verwoerd. But he is the "Architect of Apartheid", so he gets to say what is and is not apartheid. Not you, Goldstone or anyone else. There are some differences between apartheid in Israel and apartheid in South Africa, but there are more than enough similarities to justify labelling Israel an apartheid state. Just like Verwoerd and his supporters, Zionists too, are all d@se.

  • james.peterson.14289210 - 2012-09-09 10:09

    IDF must retaliate HARD and Firmly. It is enough, no contrie should have to deal with these scum TERRORISTS. they are not millitants, they are pure and simple evil!! Viva IDF Viva ISRAEL!!

      james.peterson.14289210 - 2012-09-09 12:23

      occupied ??? seriously south africa is occupying Koi san land in the same way Israel is occupying anyones land. Read a book!!! get a clue.

      james.peterson.14289210 - 2012-09-09 13:48

      @fidel... I don't believe you care about anything decent and moral so why mention server space, u fart faced troll. seriously if any one is a troll it is u and your no good coorts that are clearly rapping south africa yes black man we all mean you!!

  • Desilusionada - 2012-09-09 10:29

    Now all the anti-Whatevers will claim it was the suppressed Gaza population 'protecting' themselves.... As if firing rockets are not an acts of aggression.... They have had the opportunity to stop. Fact is that they do not want to, blinded by zeal they will carry on. Maybe Mr. "Made in Palestine", sitting safely behind walls and wires back in South Africa, could comment on these acts of friendship????

  • boaz.yarmarkov - 2012-09-09 10:37

    Palestinian organizations that fire Qassam rockets openly declare that they intend to strike, among other targets, Israeli civilians. Attacks aimed at civilians are immoral and illegal, and the intentional killing of civilians is a grave breach under the Fourth Geneva Convention, a war crime, and cannot be justified, whatever the circumstances. Furthermore, Qassam rockets are themselves illegal, even when aimed at military objects, because the rockets are so imprecise and endanger civilians in the area from which the rockets are fired as well as where they land, thus violating two fundamental principles of the laws of war: distinction and proportionality. I would like to ask news24 why is this news now and not last week? Where are the 1777 articles about the 1777 rockets fires in 2006? Or the 3807 articles in 2007? 3716 in 2008, 858 in 2009, 365 in 2010, 680 in 2011 and so far the 547 rockets and thus articles this year?. It took time for Israel to learn how to deal with Hamas. Hamas wants Israel to invade Gaza so that the religious (Hamas) nuts could have a "holy" war... Israel fell for it in 2009. I hope Israel doesn't fall into the same trap again. The Palestinian voted for Hamas in 2006. Maybe one day they will vote for anyone but a terrorist group to lead them... Then there will be peace. So easy and reachable that is laughable.

      boaz.yarmarkov - 2012-09-09 10:50

      When Hamas fire a rocket from a school - and that school is later targeted by Israel to stop the fire. who is to blame, Hamas or Israel? And the answer is where we differ... Problem is my answer will help stop Palestinian suffering while your answer will continue to make the lives of Palestinians a living hell... Just because they voted for Hamas once 7 years ago, does not mean they should still be suffering today from one bad decision.

      boaz.yarmarkov - 2012-09-09 11:02

      Something you should consider Fidel... Don't let your hate blind you. May 2011 PCPO poll: 69.6% of Palestinians oppose the resumption "of launching Al-Qassam missiles from Gaza into Israel" and 29.8% support it. Palestinian National Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (of Fatah) has condemned the attacks several times, "regardless of who is responsible for them", on one occasion calling them "absurd", and on another saying that "they do not go in the direction of peace."On at least one occasion in 2009, Hamas itself criticized rocket attacks by an unknown group, apparently out of fears that new rocket fire could disrupt reconciliation talks between Hamas and Fatah which were then underway. The firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip into Israel has been opposed by those living closest to the firing location due to Israeli military responses. On July 23, 2004 a family attempted to physically prevent the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades from setting up a rocket launcher outside their house. Members of the brigade shot and killed one boy wounded 5 others.

      anneck.cranke - 2012-09-09 12:01

      Fidel, you clueless idiot! Why don't you go and join your Militant friends in Palestine? Then you can blow yourself up in the middle of a crowded market and then we don't have to read anymore of your rubbish? Or are you just another coward? Like the militants that fire rockets on Israel from inside schools and civilian houses?

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-09-09 12:26

      Palestinians make no distinction between Israelis, and rightly so as Israel policies towards the Palestinians benefit all Israelis, including Israelis who serve on the IDF. I've read most of your post on this site(especially those addressed to me) and the glaring conclusion I've arrived at is that that Quirky imbecile has passed his log in details to his much nicer, far more sensible brother. I miss the real one, lamentable.

      gerhard.kress.3 - 2012-09-09 13:23

      Why waste time on Mgoqi. She is a most negative political neurotic.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-09-09 13:45

      @Quirky You do not agree with my views and I certainly do not agree with yours, and that gives me absolutely no pain.

  • mabeeden - 2012-09-09 10:45

    Israel only retaliates when they have to protect their citizens. They do not target women and children. They do not strap bombs to babies and parade them in the streets, they do not send suicide bombers into Palestine. Believe it or not they promote peace and tolerance, they revere life above all else. However, do not bomb them, shoot at them or promote hatred and destruction then you may get hurt. Rightly so.

      dylan.sciarappa - 2012-09-09 13:03

      Yea mabs bulldozing palestinian homes to make Israeli ones promotes peace and tolerance

      mabeeden - 2012-09-09 19:26

      Visit Israel and open your mind. Take a coin out of your pocket, look at it. Has it only one side? No. Two different sides. Now go figure.

  • jojo.balela.1 - 2012-09-09 14:19

    Palestinians and Israeli's should both stop killing people. Period

  • jojo.balela.1 - 2012-09-09 14:44

    Both sides in this conflict are waiting for the other to stop fighting first. How silly. I wonder which side will show some maturity?

      mabeeden - 2012-09-09 19:29

      Like SA hey?!!

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