Gaza violence spikes

2012-03-11 19:51

Gaza City - Three Palestinians were killed in new Israeli air raids in Gaza on Sunday, raising the death toll to 18, as militants fired more rockets into the Jewish state.

Israeli war planes carried out four strikes on Sunday morning, killing three people, including a school boy and a 60-year-old man who medics said was a civilian.

The bloodshed erupted on Friday afternoon when an Israeli strike killed the leader of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), sparking a sharp cross-border exchange, in which 15 Gazans were killed and more than 100 rockets were fired at Israel.

It was the deadliest 24-hour period in and around Gaza in more than three years.

By Sunday afternoon, the toll in Gaza stood at 18 dead and 30 injured, Palestinian medics said. Four people in Israel were injured by rockets.

The US and the EU have called on both sides to calm the situation, but efforts by Gaza's Hamas rulers to broker an end to hostilities through Egyptian mediators have not yet borne fruit.

  • JohncarlosBiza - 2012-03-11 20:15

    "...including a school boy and a 60-year-old man who medics said was a civilian." This is unacceptable, no matter which side of the border it happens in.

      cameronrh1 - 2012-03-11 20:53

      It is unfortunate that this boy was killed. According to reports he was killed on his way to school, after Hamas based terrorists had just fired missiles from the building he was walking past. And Israel had retaliated at that periode when he happened to be walking past. Why do none of the Arabs stand up against the terrorist controlled (Hamas) Gaza strip?

      JohncarlosBiza - 2012-03-11 22:15

      Why the many thumbs down? Do most of you disagree that innocent children and old men should not be murdered?

      Boaz - 2012-03-11 23:05

      1 Million Israelis are in their security-rooms or bomb-shelters since Friday as the Gazan have shot over 150 rockets & missiles. Mainstream media, is quite, waiting for Israel's response, to place blame. Well, the IDF will give them something to report!

      Velvy Bokov - 2012-03-11 23:12

      U know wat is unacceptable... That 130 rockets can be fired into israel. U know wat is unacceptable, that the terrorrists launch from places where they knowingly expose innocent people... From inside ambulances and from schools with kids... From behind human shields of men and women... And the most unacceptable thing is that YOU make it sound like its the ISRAELIS fault!\r\nNothing new tho... Still a bunch of one sided lying media who paint the palestinians as those who are innocent victims instead of true and honest reporting...

      Larry - 2012-03-12 06:05

      Actually, Johncarlos, most of us agree that the thousands more children who were killed by Syrian troops over the last few months is a far worse tragedy. Worse due to its intent to murder, rather than accidental death due to war. Can you see the difference. Al Jazeerea also reported last night on a bomb going off in Pakistan at a womans funeral. The dead were shown from long-shots, women and children without the emotional claptrap which accompanied the dead face and wailing women of the gaza incident. You must not be so gullible.

  • Leor - 2012-03-11 20:15

    This is a one sided article. Over 90 rockets were fired into Israel, which resulted in the retaliation by Israel. This article makes it seem like Israel escalated the violence. Once again, shoddy reporting by News24.

      cameronrh1 - 2012-03-11 20:44

      Its about 140 according to recent reports

      Dmitri - 2012-03-11 20:57

      @Leor - agreed, the MSM will do anything to tarnish Israel. Unfortunately most folks fall for this BS. @JohncarlosBiza - civilians die in all conflicts across the world. It does not make it right, but it does happen. I recall an incident in Colombia in 1999 where a whole villiage was wiped out because the Colombian army got the incorrect information regarding drug labs.

  • Selwyn - 2012-03-11 20:22

    The more you you poke the bear the more violent he will become violent and will rip your heads off!!! It is so simple, STOP FIRING ROCKETS, the Palestinians have more than enough ground.

      Boer - 2012-03-12 01:50

      Like in SA it is not about land. There it is about the destruction of Israel. In reality it is all about the Muslims against their old enemy. Going on for as long as human history. Here it is about taking what belong to whites.

  • Derek - 2012-03-11 21:27

    Amazing how some can just murder with impunity..

      Boaz - 2012-03-11 23:02

      firing so many rockets into Israel is not impunity. its the cause. all the blood is on Hamas's hands. But Hamas is not alone in guilt. Iran needed the pressure to be taken off its back about the nukes & off Assad mass killings - and thus ordered Hamas to escalate the violence against Israel to divert the worlds attention. it worked btw.

  • Velvy Bokov - 2012-03-11 22:57

    Of course the media talk about the gaza casualties but not about the cause that triggered the israeli attack.\r\nThe terrorist they killed was the mastermind behind previous terrorist attacks and was in the process of initiating another terrorist attack on israeli soil!\r\nInstead of saying \well done you saved innocent lives by stopping an established murderer from killing again\ you say how israeli warplanes killed an innocent boy and old man in Gaza.\r\nGET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! Its been more than 130 rockets fired into israel since friday in response to what... In response to defending ourselves.\r\nI'd like to see how SA would react if Mugabe would toss over 3 rockets never mind 130. Or how wud the USA react if Mexico send over a rocket or two.\r\nThe facts remain... Israel again painted as the aggressor and not as the victim. Well... I've never seen a man with a suicide vest and an olive branch so quite frankly until the missiles stop I say \Israel Defend Yourself to the utmost\

  • Jaba - 2012-03-11 23:11

    Israel should use Gaza’s language, which is different than language of Western logic! Almost seven years after the complete uprooting of the Jewish presence in the Gaza Strip, a move that was supposed to eliminate any pretext for Gaza-Palestinian terror, “amazingly enough” the enmity felt by hundreds of thousands of Arabs living around us has not abated.

      Jaba - 2012-03-11 23:12

      After Israel left Gaza, the Strip was supposed to put away its rockets and utilize its resources for the benefit of its citizens. However, Gaza “unexpectedly” decided to crown Hamas, reinforce the operations of its rocket factories and boost the arms smuggling traffic through its tunnels. All this was done in order to keep the mega-terrorist campaign against Israel alive, of course, even at the price of embittering the lives of Gaza residents.

      Jaba - 2012-03-11 23:13

      Seemingly, the Palestinians – and Gaza residents in particular – are fully utilizing a deeply distorted cost-benefit pattern; however, this distortion is mostly seen perceived by the West and by quite a few Israelis, who always refused to understand the considerations and preferences that prevail in the region. What Israelis and Westerns see as an “intolerable loss” is viewed by many Palestinians as a certainly tolerable sacrifice given their supreme purpose: Removing the Zionist entity from “the place it doesn’t belong in.”

      Jaba - 2012-03-11 23:14

      The utilitarian language of Western logic is not the language of Gaza and the West’s loss and profit terms are not Gaza’s terms. Indeed, “Allah’s decrees” have been etched into Gaza residents’ consciousness to a much deeper degree than Israel’s threats, measured responses and the temptations of modern life. Hence, it’s hard not to view Israel’s current restraint as contemptuous to southern residents.

      Jaba - 2012-03-11 23:15

      The damage equation formulated by Israel in Operation Cast Lead was etched into the Islamic minds of senior Hamas leaders in Gaza, who realized that their own heads are also in danger and that they better think in cost-benefit terms. This was immeasurably more efficient that the various Israeli threats issued on the eve of the disengagement lest Gazans dare fire at us after we leave the Strip; threats that left no impression on Jihad and Hamas members.

      Jaba - 2012-03-11 23:17

      Israel's government is preoccupied with fortifying Israel’s south to death while avoiding like the plague ongoing efforts to maintain the Cast Lead achievements by refraining from repeated assassinations or a policy of harsh, painful price tag for every rocket attack from Gaza.

      Jaba - 2012-03-11 23:19

      Once Gazans realize – almost daily, and not via an operation launched every few years – that terrorism can only be left behind by death, and once Israelis realize that in the foreseeable future they shall live on their sword, and must grip it tightly at all times, we will see fewer eulogizes around Israel, and the lives of Israel's southern residents will be little more bearable.

  • Ivana - 2012-03-12 00:04

    It is pure ignorance to not accept the fact that Israel have always and unfortunately will always have the awful task of having to fight off low life terrorists, not only for themselves, but to protect the world at large of these disgusting people. It is most unfortunate that innocent people from both sides die under terrible circumstances, Israel need the world's support. They never ever aim to hurt anybody, they retaliate, whereas Hamas deliberately aim to hit soft targets, children,civillian's etc. This is an old story. Remember the 6 day war? I guess many people dont even know about it. Velvey Bokov has it right, Israel have to continuously fight of cowards with no feeling or morals,values and principals, it is not Isreal causing trouble, it is Israel trying to keep the peace and hold down an evil terrorist organisation.How can anyone in their right mind support a group who use women,children and even men as human targets or shields and who deliberately aim for soft targets.

      Jaba - 2012-03-12 08:57

      correction patrick. Not only are they terrorists, they are terrorists of the worst kind - they fire rockets from within their own community centres thus killing their own civilians when Israel retaliates. Hamas does not want peace, they want a religious war and virgins in paradise! They have said this a thousand times – Israel must be destroyed and no peace will ever be done with Jews. Your Apartheid propaganda is just so much rubbish that the world stopped buying it already. The world knows that Hamas is the problem – that is why they cant tell Israel a single bad thing. The obvious deceit in this latest ploy to destroy "the infidel in our midst", is that the PA will say ANYTHING right now to get world acceptance, THEN fall back on the old "...but Hamas never said they would stop trying to destroy Israel". The fate of Israel is a harbinger of the future - as if any additional examples should be needed since the Armenian genocide not so very long ago and the numerous more contemporary examples of the Islamist view of "co-existence"

      Larry - 2012-03-12 09:22

      Patrick. Its called 'perfidy'. Look it up.

      Dannys - 2012-03-12 14:46

      @ Jaba - to add on to your comment re Armenian genocide - current and past conflict in Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, India (shootings), Pakistan, Indonesia (Bali) - there is a common thread always...

      Velvy Bokov - 2012-03-12 19:57

      Patrick edwards is either completely ignorant of what apartheÍd was or he is a complete ignoramus of what israels democracy has offered the arabs since 1948.\r\nApartheid targetted ppl coz of color and didn't give them rights and a say in the country. Israel gives arabs votes and jobs and equal education and healthcare and the same opportunity as everyone else in israel.\r\nPatrick edwards shud take a little more time to read The Green Prince and other historical works before making himself sound like a gullible reader and believer of propoganda.\r\nWe don't need newspapers and ppl like desmond tutu or patrick edwards to tell us what is true... History tells us that. Its people like edwards who distort that... As mark twain said... First get your facts right. Then u can distort them.

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