Gelato for dogs a hit in hot Italy

2012-06-19 16:55

Rome - Leave it to Italians to come up with just the thing to survive the dog days of summer: canine gelato.

This Italian ice cream for dogs contains no milk, eggs or sugar, which are harmful to canines. With temperatures in Rome topping 36°C this week, dogs are lapping up the icy treat at a pet supply store on the outskirts of the capital.

Dog-owner Anna Bordoni couldn't resist a taste from her mutt Elsa's cup and declared it "fantastic".

Rome veterinarian Marialivia Palmieri says water remains the best cool-down treat for dogs. But she said the special canine gelato does dogs no harm - and can be gratifying for pet and owner.

Flavours come in vanilla, rice and yogurt and a serving costs $2.50.