German police ditch German Shepherds

2011-08-24 17:09

Berlin - Police in a German state are phasing out the country's namesake dog - the German Shepherd - in favour of the Belgian variety.

Guenther Bonke - in charge of police dogs in the western state of North Rhine-Westphalia - says it has nothing to do with German Shepherds being "too dumb" for police work - a question posed this week in a front-page headline in the Bild newspaper.

Bonke told The Associated Press on Wednesday that "while the German Shepherd is definitely not stupid, it often does not have the potential we need".

Among other things, Bonke says, he finds Belgian Shepherds - also known as Malinois - protect their handlers better in crisis situations, are more robust, and act more aggressively when needed.

  • Proefleser - 2011-08-24 17:31

    The Malinois is merely a German Shepherd with a shorter coat, most people won't even know the difference. Of course now the Belgian dog will gain in popularity, be overbred to satisfy the market and ruined. Luckily by that time the German Shepherd will have been restored to its former self and so the cycle goes on.

      jeff malzahn - 2011-08-25 22:03

      A malinois is not merely a German shepherd with a shorter coat...many differences in personality and drives....both have their pluses and minuses

  • Wayne - 2011-08-25 08:53

    Belgian Shepherds are being used exclusively by the Dutch Police as well as by a host of other military and private institutions in Afghanistan. They are hardworking and very bright animals. Their short coats and lighter body mass make them ideal candidates for hot weather conditions. I quite like them. They are also very protective and won't hesistate to take you out if threatened.

  • Boetman - 2011-09-14 04:23

    Way to go thing they'll be using Polish poodles.

  • noitall - 2011-09-14 06:44

    This is like buying a springbok jersey made in China!

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