Girl, woman die after self-immolation

2012-03-05 11:55

Beijing - A Tibetan teenage girl and a widowed mother died after separate self-immolations in restive areas of western China, reports said on Monday, following 22 other self-immolations in Tibetan areas of China in recent months.

The unidentified girl from the Tibetan Middle School in Maqu county town, or Machu in Tibetan, in Gansu province set fire to herself on Saturday at a market, US-based Radio Free Asia said.

Police took away the girl's body after Han Chinese vendors called them to the market, the broadcaster quoted a Tibetan exile with contacts in Maqu as saying.

Teenagers from the Tibetan Middle School had previously protested government controls on Tibetans and police had detained several students, it said.

On Sunday, a 32-year-old Tibetan woman died after setting fire to herself in Aba town, known as Ngaba in Tibetan, in the neighbouring province of Sichuan, the London-based campaign Free Tibet said.

The woman, identified by the single name Rinchen, self-immolated near a police station at the main gate of the Kirti monastery, the group said.

It said Rinchen, a widowed mother of four children, shouted slogans in support of freedom for Tibet and the return of the exiled Dalai Lama, Tibetan Buddhism's highest spiritual leader.

Monks and lay Tibetans took Rinchen's body into the monastery, reports said.

  • allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-03-05 13:12

    Awfully quite on this article and the Tibetian plight. I suppose when there is no Isreal or US in it then there is no bandwagon of conspiratorial hate.

  • Godfrey - 2012-03-05 14:06

    The Tibetans have suffered an abysmal plight and there appears to be no hope for their future as China thumbs its nose at the rest of the world. But this action is so sad and will achieve nothing. Life on Earth would be better if everyone thought people only got one chance at life.

  • Ramesh - 2012-03-05 22:27

    South china tiger has been annihilated- its body parts were used in chinese medicine. South of china, Tibetans are endangered too - they are the next target. Besides "self immolation" deaths, massive refugee populations who departed and via attacks on Tibetans by china's forces. Tibetans are minority in their own country due to chinese brought in from china. Tibet's gold, minerals, land, timber, waters and mountains have been raided and are being sucked out by china. What Mao-dze-dung's successors of communist red china are saying regarding ownership of Tibet is similar to what communist USSR leaders and the Tsars said about Turkestan, Armenia, Georgia etc (formerly of USSR) being under control of historic Russia. Russia backed off and freed them. The same should be done by china for Tibet. China's year of the tiger is a fraud and a farce because of the absent tiger, and the same will happen with Tibet and Tibetans. Tibetans and Tibetan culture are alive only because of Dalai Lama and Tibetan refugees who managed to escape. Tightening control on Tibetans will continue this "annihilation". FREE TIBET NOW!!

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