'Go to hell Obama'

2012-03-02 09:59

Washington - In the heat of a US presidential election year, with Americans immune to the polarised and bitter nature of political discourse, it takes a lot to shock them, especially in Washington.

But one ad at a DC Metro station - which starts off criticising Obama's health care reforms and ends up telling the president to "go to hell" - goes beyond the pale, says Jim Moran, a Democratic congressman from Virginia.

The advertisement is for "Sick and Sicker: When the Government Becomes Your Doctor," a documentary that interviews Canadian doctors and patients in the hope of showing how dangerous "Obamacare" is for the American people.

"Barack Obama wants politicians and bureaucrats to control America’s entire medical system. Go to hell Barack," the ad says.

Removing the ad

Moran wrote a letter to Metro general manager Richard Sarles calling for the removal of the advertisement.

"The ad is deeply disrespectful of the President of the United States and does not belong in the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) network," he wrote.

It turns out that such language is within the accepted limits of American law and such advertisements are protected under the First Amendment of the US constitution, guaranteeing free speech.

"WMATA advertising has been ruled by the courts as a public forum protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, and we may not decline ads based on their political content," the Metro authority said in a written statement.

"WMATA does not endorse the advertising on our system, and ads do not reflect the position of the Authority."

Democrats have accused Republicans of lowering the tone of the political discourse in the United States during this election season, in particular with highly personal attacks on the president.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, a Republican, was widely condemned recently by Democrats for poking her finger at the president during an angry exchange on the tarmac after she greeted his arrival in Phoenix.

But conservatives argue that the treatment Obama gets is no worse than what liberals dished out to former president George W Bush, especially in his second term after the US-led invasion of Iraq.

  • JohncarlosBiza - 2012-03-02 10:15

    He's in hell already, having to constantly deal with Republicans.

      Lanfear - 2012-03-02 10:53

      Yup! Especially considering that the leading Republican democrats seem to harken back to the Stone Age. If one of them wins in November, we'll think fondly back to the days of Bush.

  • Martin - 2012-03-02 11:09

    obama needs a showerhead too

  • Godfrey - 2012-03-02 11:23

    Well I am sure the Obama is trembling in his shoes because of the threat of being cast into an imaginary hell after his death. Anyway if hell even existed in the Bronze Age it was closed down a long time ago as the CEO was eliminated. And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. - Revelation 20:10 So the the Devil is thrown into the Lake of Fire, and defeated forever and there is no one to run Hell for eternity afterwards?

  • Garth - 2012-03-02 11:42

    Could you imagine having that level of freedom of speech in our country, whereby any opposed to the inhumane policies of this current ineptocracy, could erect banners proclaiming zuma `go to hell' and not be accused of racism, treason and imperialism. Makes one think . . .

  • brothamalcolm - 2012-03-02 21:36

    These guys are so extreme...The feds run the Military, and it's vast array of Hospitals, some of which are the most advanced in the world, and all that's required is an I.D. card!!! Obama never proposed a total takeover, it was a pooling of insurance groups so that all culd be insured; then of course people started playing games wth the wording so Obama could fail. They are just dispicable in thier hatred for Our Presdent. ;-O...

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