Greece privatisation chief quits

2013-03-10 08:38

Athens - The head of Greece's privatisation fund quit on Saturday after less than a year at the post, the finance ministry said.

In his letter of resignation, Takis Athanassopoulos said he was stepping down over an investigation into his previous position as head of Greece's main power group PPC.

A prosecutor had previously pressed criminal charges against Athanassopoulos and other members of the PPC board over a 2007 power plant construction contract that ran over budget.

A new privatisation chair is to be presented to parliament for approval on Monday, the finance ministry said.

The general secretary of the finance ministry, George Mergos, is another former PPC board member and also resigned on Saturday.

Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras said he had accepted both resignations.

The blow came as Greece was in the midst of an audit by its international creditors over reforms, including privatisations, necessary to unlock a new slice of loans this month.

The Greek government had previously pledged to meet, if not exceed, its annual target of €2.6bn ($3.4bn) in privatisation sales this year.

  • rudolph.stoltz.9 - 2013-03-10 10:39

    a group of criminals overseeing the austerity process there. They should go back to the dragma and shunt the euro. It will be best for the Greek people. Public assest are being sold to international criminals for almost nothing. Viva Athens, Save the Greek people !!!

      Fidel Chavista - 2013-03-10 10:54

      Rudolph, it's the IMF so called Structural Adjustment Programme(SAP) where a country's resources and heritage is sold on the cheap to the banksters and their corporate friends who do business in a rigged market. Europe is beginning to resemble the feudal continent of the past centuries, because the colonies are no longer sustaining the homelands. These criminals are the technocrats, selected (Unelected) to run Europe, all in cahoots with the feudalists of old to disenfranchise European citizens and strip them of all the social gains made in the last 60 years! Greek islands are flying off the shelves! Contrast that to the current leaders of South America who have taken a stand against the establishment, by putting their people first, instead of corporations.

      Dot Svornak - 2013-03-10 11:10

      Rudolph,it's spelt drachma,it too was a useless currency.The Greeks have only themselves to blame for the mess their country is in,to them life was a "beach" most of them extremely lazy,always on strike in tourist season,you can see the Acropolis once then you are done.Tourists have found other places to visit just as nice if not better than Greece,they got tired of the Greeks and their strange ways.The only good thing in Greece is perhaps the food,that is if you can afford it.There is one very sad scenario to this Greek problem they roped in the Greek Cypriot government to ditch the very strong Cypriot pound to help Greece now that island sits with soup kitchens for at least the children to get one decent meal a day.Visited this island the people are friendly,always helpfull,they also speak English what a differance that makes to ones holiday.

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