Gun lobby slams 'elitist hypocrite' Obama

2013-01-16 10:32

Washington - The US gun lobby lashed out at President Barack Obama Tuesday as an "elitist hypocrite" for providing secret service protection to his daughters but balking at having armed guards in all schools.

In a 35-second video released on its website, the National Rifle Association slammed the duplicity of "protection for their kids, and gun-free zones for ours", amid a heated, nationwide gun control debate in the wake of a deadly school shooting.

"Are the president's kids more important than yours?" the NRA's narrator asks in a deep voice.

"Then why is he sceptical about putting armed security in our schools when his kids are protected by armed guards at their school? Mr Obama demands the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, but he's just another elitist hypocrite when it comes to a fair share of security."

In a December interview, Obama said he was "sceptical" about an NRA proposal of placing armed security guards at schools around the country.

"I am sceptical that the only answer is putting more guns in schools," Obama told NBC television's "Meet the Press."

"And I think the vast majority of the American people are skeptical that that somehow is going to solve our problem."

Most Americans – 55% - back the NRA's proposal for armed guards in schools, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll out this week.

And 52% of respondents said the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut had made them more supportive of gun control.

A young man gunned down children aged just six and seven, along with six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary School on 14 December. Adam Lanza, who had earlier shot and killed his mother, also took his own life in one of the worst mass shootings in US history.

  • - 2013-01-16 10:58

    Gun control is not about guns, it is about control. Why is anyone surprised surely they did not think gun control can make them safer when every study of the results of all gun control laws and interventions shows it cannot. Government is about do as we say not as we do. They know better only fools don't.

  • jscholtz - 2013-01-16 11:40

    Gun control has never reduced crime, it is only old tactic that politicians use to pretend they are doing something about the problem. The worst part of this is that the real issues behind a young man being able to kill all these people is not dealt with. The American people are being distracted by nonsense that has proven to be a failure throughout history, including its previous "Assault Weapons" ban that proved pointless.

  • simphiwe.charlie.5 - 2013-01-16 12:20

    you know your society if screwed when you have to have armed gaurds at schools. - 2013-01-16 13:12

      You know your society is even more screwed when the president says those doing business with the ANC will prosper...

      simphiwe.charlie.5 - 2013-01-16 14:31

      @buzzbar, they're just follwing the example set by their friends in the White House.

  • raymond.mcnelly - 2013-01-16 16:13

    This whole gun control lobby can be compared to the traffic problems in South Africa. It is much the same as what the government/traffic departments are doing about our South African road death situation. Year after year, the death-toll on our roads over the festive holiday remains over a 1000. Off the top of my head I would wager that the average road deaths over December the last 10 years are round about 1200 (give or take). All I hear from the government is that 'speeding' is to blame for this, and their solution is to decrease the maximum speed limit (now 100 km/h in most places) and increase policing (speed traps and cameras). Yet, year after year, this figure stays high showing no sign of decline. Clearly there are other factors at play here (drunk driving, overloaded taxi's, un-roadworthy vehicles, unlicensed drivers etc.) Yet, all they want to do is clamp down on people driving over the speed limit, and hardly look at the statistics and address the other major factors. Just like the gun control issue... ignore the facts, ignore the statistics, ignore logic and common sense and just bulldoze ahead with a solution that clearly is not working, and in some cases making things worse.

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