Head of Moscow suicide bomber found

2011-01-24 19:37

Moscow - Russian investigators on Monday found a head of "Arab appearance" that is presumed to have belonged to the suicide bomber responsible for setting off a Moscow airport blast, Interfax reported.

"We have found the head of a man of Arab appearance who is about 30 to 35 years old," the news agency quoted an unnamed security source as saying.

"He presumably set off the explosive device," the official said.

The Domodedovo airport blast killed at least 35 people and injured 130 others, with President Dmitry Medvedev describing the blast as "an act of terror".

  • - 2011-01-24 19:58

    Imagine having to clean that place up :( I once had to clean up a suicide / homicide scene at my place of employment and it was hectic enough when I found bits of skull with hair attached! Hectic.

  • ???? - 2011-01-24 20:07

    What Does Islam Say About "Forcing People in Religion ??" "And KILL them where ever you find them..." Holy Quran chapter 2, verse 191 ?? How does Islam view Terrorism?? Islam strictly Prohibits committing suicide??

      Hans-Erik Iken - 2011-01-24 21:25

      I know Islam does not permit forced conversion, yet it has done so in the past and still views non-believers as inferior (as do certain other cults or parts of christianity and judaism) The one about the denial on 9/11 is bullshit: I WATCHED the planes going into the twin towers. I trust my own eyes more the this propaganda, thank you very much. Yes Islam prohibits suicide and those who commit it are not martyrs, now tell the idiots who propagate that anyway the same thing. Wanna bet they will tell you that you are wrong? Islam is a peaceful religion that has been hijacked by certain factions in it. Unfortunately there are a LOT of followers who will be suicide bombers. Hence the current fear of Islam in the western world, we simply do not know whom to trust in that religion. The terrorists say one thing but do another. Denying 9/11 by the way does not enhance your credibility...

      Duke - 2011-01-24 21:41

      Don't give us that crap. Islam / islamists condone and promotes these acivities. Dont remeber seeing them kicking up a dust about this...same as when one Israeli retaliatory missile lands in their backyard. Save the preaching ... these actions and the silence speak louder than all your books and loudhailers!

  • - 2011-01-24 20:08

    To all wannabe suicide bomers, there is no place in heaven for u. Read your Bibel,Koran,torah,etc...

      AloninSA - 2011-01-24 20:24

      wonder if they found the idiots penis, because those forty virgins will be hoping he can find it and bring it with...

      lmduplessis - 2011-01-24 20:34

      Heh, i hope he likes IRC. Plenty of virgins there. Might not be what he's looking forward to, though.

  • Martin - 2011-01-24 20:16

    "a" head of "a" man... did he have more than one?

      LBS - 2011-01-26 16:58

      I thought they said it was a WOMAN

  • AquaticApe - 2011-01-24 20:54

    First spare a thought for the poor innocent victims and their families. The Russians are fighting the Islamists, the Chinese are fighting the Islamists, the Europeans are fighting the Islamists, the Phillipinos are fighting the Islamists, the Americans are fighting the Islamists, the Israelis are fighting the Islamists, the Indians are fighting the Islamists.... Notice anything in common? And Tutu says "Shame, poor Islamists"!

      rade8408 - 2011-01-24 21:03

      ^ fair point. Tutu is saying poor palestianians though, not poor islamists.

  • draadsitter - 2011-01-24 20:56

    I love these double-meaning headlines. Pun intended.

  • Wes - 2011-01-24 21:10

    Well he is a-head of his game

      AquaticApe - 2011-01-24 22:11

      What do you call a man without a spade in his head? Douglas.

  • Duke - 2011-01-24 21:11

    Now that we agree that these wankers careate pandemonium whever they are, make a pledge and stop supporting them in all of their businesses! Their only recipe is their cult and money!

  • Duke - 2011-01-24 21:34

    Now that we agree that these wankers create pandemonium wherever they are,make a pledge and stop supporting them in all of their businesses! Their only recipe is their cult and money!

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