Hilary Clinton faints, sustains concussion

2012-12-15 22:07

Washington - US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who skipped an overseas trip this past week because of a stomach virus, sustained a concussion after fainting, the state department said on Saturday.

The 65-year-old Clinton, who's expected to leave her job soon after serving as America's top diplomat during President Barack Obama's first term, is recovering at home after the incident last week and is being monitored by doctors, according to a statement by aide Philippe Reines.

No further details were immediately available.

The statement said Clinton was dehydrated because of the virus and that she fainted and sustained a concussion. She will continue to work from home in the week ahead and looks forward to being back in the office "soon", the statement said.

Congressional aides do not expect her to testify as scheduled at congressional hearings on Thursday into the 11 September attack against a US diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, including the US ambassador.

The aides spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren't authorised to publicly discuss Clinton's status.

Clinton backed out of a trip to North Africa and the Persian Gulf on Monday because she was sick. She caught the virus during a recent visit to Europe.

She's known for her gruelling travel schedule and is the most travelled secretary of state, having visited 112 countries while in the job.


  • sam.makua.10 - 2012-12-15 22:35

    Is this news?

      phahla.matwa - 2012-12-16 07:59

      Would u say that if it was ur mum. Awuna kelello

      stella.hlophe - 2012-12-16 09:26

      You read it, right? So yes it is!

      sam.makua.10 - 2012-12-16 12:07

      Information that is reported about a politician that concentrates on the politician's personal life rather than her policies is not useful it is noise as well as gossip... Social networks seems to be a platform that corrupts real journalism rather than enhance it

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-12-16 15:08

      . Yes, it is news, she is the future President of the USA!!!

  • Adeeb Saban - 2012-12-15 23:09


  • magomarele - 2012-12-16 00:07

    wishing her a speedy recovery. Get well soon medam. The world needs your brains.

  • lucky.mogapi.967 - 2012-12-16 00:28

    I sincerely wish Mrs Clinton for a speedy recovery on the condition she find herself in, as a human being she realy needs our undivided support, unconditional love

  • morake.david - 2012-12-16 06:02


  • robert.ferreiro - 2012-12-16 06:18

    Get well soon....

  • phahla.matwa - 2012-12-16 08:00

    She needs a brk. She is over working.

  • Gcodi Matshona - 2012-12-16 08:19


      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-12-16 08:33

      . Gcodi, grow up !!!

  • popza.nzama - 2012-12-16 09:29

    Ushebeleza njalo.

  • eugene.joshua - 2012-12-16 09:50

    God bless Hilary Clinton, may she have a speedy recovery!

  • diana.gill.18 - 2012-12-16 10:49

    Her concussion always was there, just needed a bit of a triggering to come to the surface. Wish the (b)itch got paralyzed.

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-12-16 11:32

      . The ONLY comments the lunatics of the violent left can make, are the ones where HATRED drips from every letter !!!!!!

  • lani.jabu.75 - 2012-12-16 17:37

    Lewinskymilitis !

  • shirley.sacks - 2012-12-18 22:38

    This is suspicious as she won't be testifying. How convenient.

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