Hollande - proper labels on meat meals

2013-02-23 14:29

Paris - France's president said on Saturday he wanted to see proper labelling of meat in ready-made meals to avert a repeat of the scandal over horse meat being passed off as beef.

"I want there to eventually be mandatory labels on the meat contained in prepared meals," Francois Hollande said while visiting an agricultural show in Paris.

"Until then, I will support... all initiatives for voluntary labelling" so that "consumers know the origin of the products they are consuming, especially meat."

A vast food scandal erupted in Europe in January after horse meat was initially found in so-called beef ready-made meals and burgers in Britain and Ireland. It has since spread as far as Hong Kong.

French firm Spanghero has been at the heart of the scandal after it allegedly passed off 750 tons of horse meat as beef, with the product eventually finding its way into 4.5 million "beef" products sold across Europe.

  • Food Forensics - 2013-02-23 15:13

    Compliant and truthful and honest labeling of F&B products is still Voluntary in France and or other Countries in Europe??? WHAT THE F..*&^%$ !!!! No wonder what has happened and is happening continuously regards Adulteration of such a huge variety F&B Product/s. NOT only "meat" !!!!

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