Indonesian mass wedding freebie

2011-07-19 21:35

Jakarta - Thousands of underprivileged Indonesian newly-weds from various faiths have joined a mass reception to receive free marriage certificates that they otherwise could not afford.

About 15 000 attended the reception on Tuesday at the Senayan Sports Palace, including Jakarta city officials and friends and family members of the 4 541 couples.

The couples included 3 112 Muslims, 1 248 Christians, 96 Catholics and 85 Buddhists, Hindus and Chinese from across the Indonesian capital.

The couples from low-income families were married in separate mass ceremonies in the past three months.

The last group of 200 couples tied the knot last week.

  • St.Martin - 2011-07-19 23:01

    For the record, "Catholics" are Christian. In fact, they founded the Christian Church after Jesus commissioned Peter to lead the faithful. In the 16th Century, King Henry VIII and Martin Luther rebelled against the Catholic Church and broke away to form their own Churches (which in turn resulted in more break-aways, now referred to by Catholics as the "split peas"). To refer to Catholics as a separate group to Christians is therefore incorrect as it would imply that Catholics are not Christian. Catholics are more Christian than all Protestant Churches / sects put together!

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