Iran: Russia radioactive seizure a lie

2011-12-16 22:05

Tehran - The seizure of radioactive material from a Tehran-bound passenger at Moscow airport reported by Russian authorities is "a lie", an official in Iran's embassy in Moscow told the Iranian news agency ISNA on Friday.

"The news of the discovery of a radioactive consignment headed for Iran in Moscow is a lie," the embassy official told ISNA.

Western reports on the seizure were aimed at "sabotaging Russo-Iranian relations and trying to create problems and tensions in relations by fabricating issues", the unnamed official was quoted as saying.

The reported comments were in reaction to an announcement from Russia's customs service that a consignment of the radioactive isotope Sodium-22 used for medical and research purposes was found and confiscated from the passenger on Friday.

The official, when asked about the Sodium-22 at Moscow airport, spoke of an incident he said happened several weeks ago.

"Around a month ago a misunderstanding occurred with a university student who was carrying material used for dentistry. This issue was quickly solved and he was offered an apology for the misunderstanding," the embassy official said.

  • Pete - 2011-12-17 00:47

    What, western news source lying? Shocking!

      kevlam4 - 2011-12-17 09:30

      O.K. Pete, your sarcasm is noted - however NOBOBY believes the lying, secretive, radical, narrow-minded b.......s in the "peaceful" benevolent Iran either!!!

      Graziella - 2011-12-17 09:43

      @kevlam4 says... The same can be said about the US/UK and NATO. I don't believe a word being uttered by these country's leaders.

      Ryan - 2011-12-17 10:05

      what we do know is Iran is building a nuclear bomb

      Mthuthuzeli - 2011-12-17 10:18

      You know and believe this information, coming from the same people that told you that Iraq had WMDs. Your consent has been manufactured.

      Ryan - 2011-12-17 10:35

      actually only Britain and USA said Iraq had WMDs. most other countries like France, germany, you name it are concerned about Iran. the IEA also found Iran to be in non compliance recently. I believe something is going on in Iran. when you listen to how belligerent their leader is, and the things Ive heard him say in live speeches, well you wouldnt put it past him

  • Dave - 2011-12-17 11:05

    It would hardly be a believable story to have to swallow that some very well connected smuggler went to such lengths and risk to acquire such material, only to attempt to walk through an international airport which is known to be highly secure and well guarded, and then be conveniently caught red handed, again, conveniently on his way to Iran. The media must come to the realisation that they can fool some of the people some of the time, but cannot fool all of the people all of the time. Media credibility is at stake here and the stakes are extremely high. Lets not forget the little boy who cried wolf.

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