Iran dismisses Israel's 'stupid' threats

2012-08-14 14:04

Tehran - Iran on Tuesday said it is dismissing Israeli threats of an imminent attack against it, explaining that even some Israeli officials realised such a "stupid" act would provoke "very severe consequences".

"In our calculations, we aren't taking these claims very seriously because we see them as hollow and baseless," foreign ministry spokesperson Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters in a weekly briefing.

"Even if some officials in the illegitimate regime [Israel] want to carry out such a stupid action, there are those inside [the Israeli government] who won't allow it because they know they would suffer very severe consequences from such an act," he said.

Iran's defence minister, General Ahmad Vahidi, was quoted by the ISNA news agency saying that Israel "definitely doesn't have what it takes to endure Iran's might and will".

He called the Israeli threats "a sign of weakness" by "brainless leaders".

The comments were a response to bellicose rhetoric from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak in recent days suggesting they were thinking more seriously of military action against Iranian nuclear facilities.

'Space for diplomacy'

"We are determined to prevent Iran from becoming nuclear [armed], and all the options are on the table. When we say it, we mean it," Barak told Israeli radio last Thursday.

Israeli media have underlined the threat, reporting that a decision could be made within weeks. They have also highlighted opposition to the idea by current and former Israeli military officials.

The United States has recently multiplied visits by top officials to Israel in what appears to be an attempt to dissuade the Jewish state from targeting the Islamic republic.

"We continue to believe there is time and space for diplomacy," White House spokesperson Jay Carney said on Monday.

Israel insists that Iran is on the point of developing nuclear weapons, and says it reserves the right to act to prevent that.

The Jewish state has in the past launched air strikes to destroy nuclear facilities in Iraq and, reportedly, in Syria to protect its own regional nuclear weapons monopoly, whose existence it refuses to officially confirm.


Iran says its nuclear programme is exclusively for peaceful, civilian uses.

In the past couple of years it has ramped up uranium enrichment to a level just a few steps short of military-grade fissile material, saying those stocks are needed to create medical isotopes. It has also refused UN nuclear inspectors access to suspect military installations.

Renewed negotiations between Iran and the five top UN Security Council powers, plus Germany, have taken place this year. They have been downgraded after it became clear they were in an impasse, but not ended.

In the meantime, Iran is suffering from increasingly tough US and EU economic sanctions that have crippled its all-important oil exports.

  • boffin.bobreturns - 2012-08-14 14:30

    Israel will kick Irans backside. God. I hope it happens.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-08-14 15:37

      This is an awful desire. Far better that a peaceful solution is found. Iranians are literally bubbling for freedom. It is highly likely they will remove their oppressive, self-serving, election-rigging, woman-stoning, holocaust denying regime once Assad has been removed from power. And the latter is likely to happen soon, in the greater scheme of things.

      Zahir - 2012-08-14 19:55

      Stupid comment that as this action it may involve a regional war and innocent people killed to satisfy there leaders ego

      Zahir - 2012-08-14 19:55

      Stupid comment that as this action it may involve a regional war and innocent people killed to satisfy there leaders ego

  • tommy.jones.754918 - 2012-08-14 14:42

    Iran is playing poker - and she's bluffing against an opponent with Royal Flush in hand.

  • jaba.kov - 2012-08-14 14:46

    "Iran's might and will" Oh, we were treated to eight years of precisely that in the Iran-Iraq War. Let's see -- one million dead Iranians, in eight years of battling a vastly inferior Iraq. Towards the end of that rather humiliating draw, Iran's grand "battle plan" consisted of hurling twelve year old boys in the path of oncoming Iraqi tanks, and proclaiming those boys "martyrs." That won't work against Israel. Besides, Iran's computer networks have been seriously compromised by Israeli genius. Including Iran's military command and control. They cannot risk firing a ballistic missile at Israel because (a) they cannot be sure that the missile will land in Jordan (likely) and (b) they cannot be sure that the computer worms and viruses that have invaded their computer networks won't turn that missile around and drop it on Teheran.

      jaba.kov - 2012-08-14 14:47

      Iran's stock in trade has been really nothing more than vile rhetoric. Did they think that Israel would ignore their threats of destruction forever? Well, Israel won't. And Iran is hardly up to the task of tackling Israel. Let's see -- computer systems amuck, Israeli ULF waves generating three earthquakes off the same epicenter (something which has the seismologists scratching their heads) ... and that's not the end of it. Israel has much, much more -- which accounts for the chest-thumping false bravado of the Islamofascist regime in Teheran. Hence all the latest silly nonsense out of Teheran. Hey -- sure do hope that nothing happens to those multi-million dollar supertankers anchored off Bandar Abbas storaging multi-million dollar cargoes of petroleum. Gee, wouldn't it be a TERRIBLE shame if something were to happen to them ..... Iran has two choices: (i) they can back off their nuclear program and dismantle their existing facilities, or (ii) they can face the consequences. Computer networks. ULF waves. Please do keep in mind that Israel tried the most civilized ways first.

  • ivan.schoultz - 2012-08-14 15:43

    If Israel did not want its neighbours arming up with nuclear ... then maybe they should not have done so first? It is perfectly reasonable to want to self-defend like with like ... why should Israel be the only one allowed to have nuclear? (... and that's one lekker human-rights score you notched-up for your treatment of Mordechai Vananu ...)

      jaba.kov - 2012-08-14 16:13

      some people do not value life like others do - the West has realised this far too late. (Not advisable for younger viewers… FSA throwing bodies of postal workers off building: Iran must never acquire these weapons because it seems like some in Iran will not think twice before turning a European capital to ashes in the name of their/our God. I will never understand this type of brutality... I don’t think any westerner could comprehend this type of insanity. But this is why Iran can not have nuclear weapons… Israel has had them for decades (as far as I believe) but Israel has not threatened any of its neighbours with annihilation - while Iran has and still does.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-08-14 16:16

      Ivan, no offense but this is an immature and uninformed perspective.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-08-14 16:17

      Israel was created in 1948 from 52% of the land formerly occupied by the Jewish and Palestinian people, and Palestine 43%. Most of the Israeli territory was the Negev Desert. Jerusalem fell into neither territory. Palestinians with their unelected, self-serving neighbors declared war on Israel the very next day. In the 1960's they even invaded Israel twice. Full military invasions. The result: Israel survived and pushed them back, gaining territory in the process. This is the origin of what you some wrongly call "occupied territories". There have been almost daily attacks by Palestinians, incited by their self-serving unelected backers. Palestinians even teach their children at Kindergarten to attack Israel, rather than be peaceful. Children. Kindergarten. From day one, and even today it's wage war on Israel. Israel defends herself. Yes sometimes going too far, which is unacceptable, but self-defense nonetheless. All that needs to happen is for Palestinians to choose peace side by side with Israel. This is more likely going forward now because the unelected dictators are being removed from power by their people one by one. They will no longer use the Palestinians for their own internal political ploys.

      allcoveredinNinjas - 2012-08-14 16:27

      Yeah , Isreal with a population of 8 million surrounded by actively hostile countries and (violated international law many times)with many , many fold more people not going to keep defence intiatives fairly close to their chest. They however have not signed agreements and treaties with the rest of the world binding them to certain actions which they have violated consecutively for close on 2 decades now. Most people around the world feel a rogue totalitarian theocratic state that openly talks of the wishes for the prophecised end of the world (ironically when peace will come) and have been caught in clandestine proliferation networks as well as being decpetive in its relations to the IAEA should not be granted the right to develop nuclear weaponary outside of their international agreements and the very reason sanctions are imposed on the regime. These minor little issues could be headwinds to developing bombs.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-08-14 17:04

      "Most people around the world" Really? " They however have not signed agreements and treaties with the rest of the world binding them to certain actions which they have violated consecutively for close on 2 decades now." North Korea has also not signed the NPT, and yet it is being sanctioned? "Yeah , Isreal with a population of 8 million surrounded by actively hostile countries" In terms of cold hard strategic logic, there is no country on earth as surrounded by enemies as Iran. The US Imperial Army is camped out on both Eastern (Afghanistan) & Western (Iraq) borders. To the North are oligarchic US allies & to the South are the decadent, dynastic & despotic Arab regimes - ALL in utter dread of the very NOTION of an Islamic Republic. And of course The Zionist Entity is a Nuclear Power of the first order. Seen in this context, one may intuit that some Iranians may hanker for the Dark Cold-War Logic of Mutually Assured Destruction, by way of a deterrence, MAD as it may seem to others.

      cameronrh1 - 2012-08-14 17:14

      @infidel And with good reason, Iran has threatened to wipe Israel off the map countless times, Iran sponsors almost every major terrorist organisation (Hamas, Hezbolla and the Taliban to name but a few). Israel with its unofficially confirmed nuclear arsenal has not once threatned to wipe any country off the face of the earth, and even in times of war has not nuked one country despite the fact all its neighbours are constantly trying to destory it. Iran and other dicatatorial regimes in the region have only themselves to blame for the situation they are in, for constantly threatening to destory the "western world" and all other forms of religion that is not Islam and enforcing Sharia law.

      fred.fraser.12 - 2012-08-14 17:15

      "The US Imperial Army". :) Again, this is coming form someone who believes Nelson Mandela is a fake. Clearly, reality is being inverted. By Fidel.

      fidel.mgoqi - 2012-08-14 17:50

      @Cameron Israel need not threaten anyone about wiping them off the map (whatever that means), they are already wiping Palestine off the map. It is silly of Israel and her supporters to want to attack another country because of a delibeartely mistranslated political statement made in the 1980s. Iranians do not have a death wish, contrary to Zionist propaganda. There are no crazy religious fundamentalists running Iran. Iran is run by elites who run it first and foremost for their own benefit. Religion is a justificatory fig-leaf for what they do (as it is everywhere) - a way of keeping the masses on side. "Mad mullahs" is just a propaganda term to keep simpletons like you from thinking too much. The mullahs are self-interested elites whose actions are perfectly explicable and rational with respect to their desire to pursue their own self-interest. It is greatly to Iran's credit that it has encouraged and supported these resistance groups, fighting Ashkenazi occupation.

      boom.baracus - 2012-08-14 18:12

      IVAN - you are a brave man who is guilty of hate speech and yet freely advertises his identity and whereabouts. I think a call to crimeline is in order.

      larry.lachman.54 - 2012-08-14 20:03

      Ivan. Go back to your filthy hole. It is you who will be purged. The gentle Jews are gone. Disgusting mentality you have. Voetsek.

      ivan.schoultz - 2012-08-14 21:41

      I am certainly not spewing "hate speech" and I am certainly not an enemy of the Jews and anyone who has read my comments as such certainly has not understood what I am saying, which is this: THE MINORITY IN POWER is making things bad the Jews as a whole. There is certainly nothing hateful about that, and having my comments removed simply shows YOUR intolerance for truth.

      ivan.schoultz - 2012-08-14 21:47

      Benjamin Fulford (himself, a Jew) reports this: » When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel recently tried to stir the pot in the US, his activities, e-mails, phone calls etc. were all monitored after which an official from the pentagon warned Netanyahu “If you try to send off a cruise missile we will blow it out of the water and then come for you.” Oops. Then Egypt’s new government removed cabal proxies from the military and sent tanks to the Israeli border. Oops again. Message to the Jews: You have been kicked out of over 100 countries in the past 2000 years so, you must stop pretending you were always just innocent victims. It is time to stop thinking in terms of “us” (Jews) and “them” (Goyim), and start behaving like a civilized people all from the same human race. The Jews are like a beautiful woman (the decent and honorable majority) with syphilis (the gangsters hiding in their midst). If the Jewish people do not remove the criminals from the top of their own leadership, they may once again suffer collective punishment for the actions of a tiny criminal minority. Fortunately, there are signs of just such an internal purge. « read more:

      zaid.personal - 2012-08-16 21:43

      @jaba.kov...selective memory it seems. Taking a swipe at Iran and accusing it of something it doesn't even have the capability to do, yet forgetting that the benevolent West that you seem to revere so much actually did use TWO dastardly bombs against Japan. And given the Western backed attacks around the world of sovereign nations, it seems a heavily militarised West is a far greater threat than a nuclear armed Iran. Check the stats sometime, and perhaps you'll see who the real aggressors and terrorists are in the world for the last few centuries.

  • boom.baracus - 2012-08-14 16:49

    FIDEL: 1. Denies the Holocaust 2. Denigrates Nelson Mandela but admires and hero-worships Gadaffi 3. Admits to being a Jew-hater, in fact boasts of it. 4. Calls people "rabid Jews" and then says he is not a racist. 5. States "Never thought I could see ANOTHER muslim"... and then denies that he is a muslim. 6. Denies the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese. FIDEL is an extremist, fanatical islamist who is so blinded by his hatred of non-muslims that he has literally lost touch with reality. What an embarassment to the muslim people that this is the voice of islam that is posted on this site, along with those of "Patrick Edward". It is a great pity and shame that muslims don't say anything against this absolutely disgusting person. He should not be the person that others think of when they think of muslims, but I am afraid that he is. Shame, shame, shame

      boom.baracus - 2012-08-14 17:36

      Shriller and shriller. You deny nothing - you admit everything. And believe me, someone who does not know the difference between "circular" and "secular" is hardly in a position to discuss intelligence. Your poor logic and ignorance are clear indications of your lack of intelligence, my little Jew hater.

      Desilusionada - 2012-08-14 17:48

      boom I knew a couple of people who also suffered from the fidel syndrome, (must say you got the textbook symptoms perfect as listed above), but the all expired from loquentes stercore.

      AnthonyfromAfrica - 2012-08-15 05:42

      Fidel, ""I called YOU a rabid Jew"" ALL that radicals can do , is spew out; ===============HATRED==================RACISM===============FILTH===========

  • larry.lachman.54 - 2012-08-14 18:32

    "In our calculations..." Israels enemies have acted on their calculations many times in the past, and it seems that Israels ability to calculate are far superior.

  • brian.jinola - 2012-08-15 11:53

    S A L U T E Mordechai Vanunu (Hebrew: ????? ???????; born 14 October 1954) is a former Israeli nuclear technician who, citing his opposition to weapons of mass destruction, revealed details of Israel's nuclear weapons program to the British press in 1986.[2][3] He was subsequently lured to Italy by a Mossad agent, where he was drugged and abducted by Israeli intelligence agents.[2] He was transported to Israel and ultimately convicted in a trial that was held behind closed doors.[2] Vanunu spent 18 years in prison, including more than 11 in solitary confinement. Released from prison in 2004, he became subject to a broad array of restrictions on his speech and movement. Since then he has been arrested several times for violations of those restrictions, including giving various interviews to foreign journalists and attempting to leave Israel. He says he suffered "cruel and barbaric treatment" at the hands of Israeli authorities while imprisoned, and suggests that his treatment would have been different if he were Jewish (Vanunu is a Christian convert from Judaism).[4]

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