Iran protestors stone Saudi consulate

2011-03-19 20:12

Tehran - Hundreds of Iranians have stoned the Saudi consulate in the north-eastern city of Mashhad to protest the killing of Shi'ites in Bahrain, a local daily reported.

Nearly 700 people gathered outside the consulate on Friday in protest at "the killing of Muslims in Bahrain" by Saudi and Emirati military forces, the Khorasan newspaper said on its website on Saturday.

The government of Bahrain, supported by troops and armoured vehicles from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, has declared martial law and rounded up dissidents at gunpoint in midnight raids.

Four protesters have been killed during the violent crackdown this week.

Despite the heavy presence of security forces protecting the consulate, the angry protesters smashed the consulate windows and chanted slogans against Saudi Arabia and its king, Abdullah.


Khorasan said police fired tear gas to disperse the angry demonstrators, who still managed to "pull down the consulate's sign and hoist the Bahraini flag at the top of its gate".

Elsewhere, thousands of Iranians marched in Tehran after Friday prayers in support of the revolts rocking Bahrain, Libya and Yemen.

They chanted "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and "The Saudis are committing crimes and the US supports them", according to state television.

International pressure is mounting on Bahrain to exercise restraint and ensure the safety of opposition leaders arrested during a violent crackdown on month-old pro-democracy protests.

Iranian officials have severely criticised the violent crackdown , as well as the dispatch of Saudi and Emirati troops there to help confront Shi'ite-led protests.

Predominantly Shi'ite Iran has also recalled its ambassador from Bahrain, a tit-for-tat move after Manama slammed Tehran for "blatant interference" in the Gulf kingdom's internal affairs and recalled its envoy.